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Your feet as the foundation for a long, pain-free life. After all, they are used throughout life. The key to salvation lies in the feet.

The pain relieving expert explains why it is so important not to forget your feet as the foundation for a long, pain-free life. After all, they are used throughout life. The key to salvation lies in the feet. Let’s begin… 😉

When was the last time you admired, caressed or paid attention to your feet? Or was it possibly that the “damned” feet were once again so painful that the first impulse was – “Best chop them off.” Well… Sound familiar?

Almost 100% of people are born with healthy, pain-free feet. What about 20, 40, 60 years later? Still the same? Hiding in your shoes during the day and quickly getting under the covers in the evening? If the basis is not right, then the structure above it tries to compensate somehow, and it does so for years. A structure that was basically not “invented” for this purpose in the long term. Knees, hips, spine, neck, jaw and headaches!

Can that be? With a car, the person has already understood it, right? No one drives a car permanently in first gear – up to 60 km/h.

The oil lamp lights up red. It’ll be fine, right? A red light like that in the cockpit looks kind of stylish.

Driving permanently with the handbrake on? Greetings from the gearbox.

So much in advance – a solution needs time, it will be difficult overnight. How much body weight do the two big toes bear? 40% each. So 80% in total. So if it is not possible to distribute the load as planned, let’s say only 60% in sum or also – left only 20% and right only 50% … (70% in total) and this over decades… Good luck with this concept.

How many % of our approximately 200 bones in the body are hidden in both feet? About 25%. Another 25% are hidden in both hands. In such a small area, 25%. That is enormous. So how can I consciously or unconsciously damage this structure? And then wait for the structure above to be damaged as well? Then at some point I can’t stand it any more, get massages, take painkillers, be close to despair… and hope for the redeeming surgery.

Imagine not being able to use both thumbs completely from one day to the next. Because both toes are synonymous with the two thumbs. You’d notice it right away, right? Not with the feet, correct? If body parts and body functions are not used at all or no longer fully used, the body reduces this potential. It saves energy.

I’m hoping pushing ahead too far with this … 🙂 Ready? For very many people, both feet are 2 kg of minced meat pressed into the shape of a shoe. When was the last time the person felt anything at all with their feet? When was the last time the person was freed from the “shoe prison”?

What is a shoe prison? Can a structure adapt to an environment? Can skin, tendons and bones grow in a certain direction if you force them to do so for long enough? Have feet always had the shape of fashionable shoes where the big toe is bent inwards? Where the little toe is also bent inwards?

What do babies’ feet look like? Do they already have hallux valgus (crooked big toe) and ingrown toenails?

I’ll link to another article on the same topic here: https://www.facebook.com/flowmotionIreland/posts/936818256899325

As always, whoever feels attacked 🙂 – Yes, that’s exactly the person I’m talking about.

Help with this topic through my work: A shortcut through expert knowledge via financial compensation. 🙂

Any questions? Let me know.

See you next time.

Stay strong.


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