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Today on the topic – Barefoot running. Depending on where you have met me before, it may well be that I have been barefoot. Yes, without shoes. In the city. Scary, isn’t it? How can I.

The pain relieving expert explains his world: Today on the topic – Barefoot running. Depending on where you have met me before, it may well be that I have been barefoot. Yes, without shoes. In the city. Scary, isn’t it? šŸ™‚ How can I.

There are mixed reactions, depending on the age of the people. Older people laugh kindly when I’m out and about like that again. Middle-aged – first the look at my feet, then confusion, then the “patterning” of my person… then the partly incomprehensible look in my face. With children, 99% of them can’t understand it at all. And they look around for their parents to report what they have just seen.

So what is the meaning behind it, the deeper meaning? Provocation? Do I want to attract attention at all costs? Or am I just the freak who doesn’t care? šŸ™‚ Anyone who knows me a little, as a person, knows my way of working as a “Pain expert”, could come to the conclusion that I do things the way I do them, mostly for 2 reasons: It has proven to work, due to experience, and the exercise is associated with a medium and long-term effect. Cause-based.

So what is the benefit of barefoot walking for me, in my life? Apart from the fact that shoes are usually unhealthy because they change the movement pattern and have the potential to adversely affect the entire overlying structure, it is a very sensual way of moving. What makes me think that shoes are unhealthy, most of them at least – I can go into that again in another post. I’m much more concentrated when I’m on the move, because I need constant attention – that sharpens my senses. So I train. šŸ™‚ Every step is a conscious experience. And yes… I also have shoes. I even have a whole mountain of shoes. šŸ˜‰ I am more awake. That probably has to do with the focus and also with the blood flow to the soles of my feet.

I can hear it already… Cold and flu. Toughening up is the magic word. Just like cold showers all year round. The ground is usually colder than the body, so extra energy must be supplied with every step. Now I’m sure I have a huge mountain of calluses on my feet and ingrown nails….Nope. I actually have very beautiful feet.

At least I think so. But you don’t do that because nobody else does. šŸ™‚ Exactly, that’s why the same cars are always driving around on the streets, everyone wears the same clothes, has the same life partners and everyone has the same mobile phone. It’s always been like that. šŸ˜‰ In my opinion, shoes act as a kind of electronic insulator. And that’s kind of what they are, with the rubber soles.

But now the question is, is the body insulated so that nothing is emitted into the ground or the other way round? So that nothing gets into the body from below? Today we have so many influences that we are not actively aware of. Mobile phones, electricity, W-Lan, infrasound, noise, stress at work and in relationships… All these are energies and frequencies. It may all go well for a while. But we are talking about 30, 50, 70 years.

How can you give up excess energies, energies that you don’t need, energies that are unhealthy and even harmful in the long run? How about switching off the insulator? I admit, walking on an (Irish) street without shoes can be a challenge šŸ˜‰

Anyone who has ever walked on a meadow for 10-15 minutes, felt the grass between their toes (barefoot), felt the bumps, stretched their toes and stretched their feet for the first time (in a long time)… could probably confirm… something is different afterwards. šŸ™‚ Exactly. That’s what I mean.

Many sucess on your path.

See you next time.

Stay strong.


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