Garantie.. 2, money back

“I need a guarantee. A guarantee that if I do this, at the same time and very quickly I will finally be free of pain again. So what can you offer me?”

The pain relieving expert talks about the desire today: “I need a guarantee. A guarantee that if I do this, at the same time and very quickly I will finally be free of pain again. So what can you offer me?” Whoa… Let’s look at this realistically.

Ways out of despair? Let’s see what the expert has to contribute, shall we?

The following situation: In a casino. At the roulette table. Your total savings are 5,000€. You can win 35 times the bet by choosing the correct number. Or bet on 2 numbers, in which case you win 17 times the stake. Or bet on an even or odd number – then you get back what you bet. Would you do that with all your savings? Possibly. But it could also be that you are asking for a hedge. A guarantee.

Another situation: You meet someone and you obviously like each other. So relationship, partnership and possibly something long-term. Same question: Security? Guarantee?

The best new mobile phone, the best new car – the dream mobile phone and the dream car. Dreamt for years. Is there a guarantee that it will work tomorrow just like it does today? Well…? I can take out insurance to minimise the risk… but will I get the same back? Usually, only the financial stake is covered. For an extra cost. But the feeling, the new car smell, the experience and the fun and excitement of it all… is that included? No.

“If you treat me and I pay money for it, can you guarantee that I will have less pain?” No.

What I can guarantee is this: If you do nothing, nothing at all, and let it go on like this, then I can guarantee you what the result will be in the future. Worse than before, with a tendency to be much worse. Because that was the reason why you asked me that: “You have a problem and are looking for a solution, right? ”

Would you ask the same question in the casino? No, because the rules are clear to everyone involved. The bet and then something has to happen that leads to the desired result appearing.

What if you assume we’re playing roulette, but I’m playing football? Would the stakes then be the same – yes. But you assumed that we were sitting at a table and the roulette wheel was spinning in the middle, you parked your money on the playing field and at some point your number came up or not. But I’m assuming a game where we try to hit each other’s goal after running across the court, quite often. So you have a different expectation before the upcoming game than I do.

Can the result then be the same (You roulette, I football.)? As a therapist, I assume that if you have a problem, you will do everything possible to solve the pain problem. And by trying to save time, you are buying a shortcut for money.

Now, as a person in pain, you are not following the rules of the expert. Is then the result that comes out in the end the result that you would like? If you assume that we are playing roulette? No. Is that guaranteed? Yes.

50% stake comes from the practitioner, the teacher in this case. And the other 50%? Well, that comes from the student – from you.

Now we have to check what other people with the same problem as you (pain) say about the treatment approach.

Was the approach successful for them? The rest is up to you. Let’s play football together. 🙂

Many success on your path.

Stay strong.


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I´m a qualified practitioner who pursues 2 goals together with the client.
-Reduce the current pain condition as quickly as possible.
-Make the client independent of further (all) visits to a therapist as quickly as possible.

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