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Are there pain images that have arisen explicitly as a result of the modern way of life? (mobile phone neck)

The pain relieving expert looks around. And keeps seeing people with mobile phones. On the street, in the car…. And asks himself the question: Are there pain images that have arisen explicitly as a result of the modern way of life?

Oh, here’s one: The so called mobile phone neck.Now put down your mobile phone for 7 minutes and give me your undivided attention. Or at least in the correct position.Yeah Buddy, you back there too. 🙂 Here we go. Ready?

I get different descriptions of pain from clients these days than I did in the past. Today it’s very often pain in the neck, pain in the back… and not to forget… always popular: pain in the hand and fingers, especially the finger that clicks the computer mouse (the so-called mouse arm syndrome or mouse click syndrome.)

Let’s take a closer look at the neck today.

Your head weighs about 5.5 kilograms. What does it look like when your head bends forward excessively? To use WA, SMS, Email, Games, FB… on the mobile phone? How much kg is then acting on the neck? Still 5kg?

The New York spine surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hansraj found the following in a study:

At 12 degrees of inclination – from 5.5kg to 12kg. (2.5 times more)

At 45 degrees of inclination – from 5.5kg to 22kg. (4 times more)

At 60 degrees of inclination – from 5.5kg to 27kg. (5 times more)

About 21kg more, hmm… carrying your grandchild or your own child on your neck for 3 hours a day? Voluntarily? Never. Right? Obviously you do, my friend. Obviously they do. And then wonder about pain in that area. 😉

Smartphone users spend an average of two to four hours a day hunched over their devices. How much is that in a year? More than 1.000 hours. Every year. With a toddler on your neck. Yippiyeah. According to the study, high school students are even more affected because they spend an additional 5.000 hours in this position. This forward neck posture has also been linked to headaches, neurological problems and heart disease. So I’m not surprised at all here.

Dr. Hansraj says referring to the situation in children: “The problem is really profound in young people. With this excessive stress in the neck, we may soon see a lot of young people needing spinal treatment.” Slouching can also limit the function of internal organs. I’m thinking of lungs, stomach, sex organs, for example, but also depression, breathing, libido, headaches. Prolonged sitting (as the smartphone is mostly “operated” while sitting) actively promotes dozens of chronic diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes and premature death, as noted by Dr. James Levine.

If interested: Dr. James Levine “Get Up!: Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About it”. I have written a few articles on the subject, here are just 2:

-Neck pain, stiff neck, and the use of fascial rolls to fix it.


-Pain in the neck. The problem! And usually easy to fix – Really? Yes!


What would I do, as a person, if I had a problem in my neck? I would stretch the areas where the shortening is. Shortenings? Yes. If I bend my neck forward for a longer period of time, the neck is usually under tension. But I don’t notice it because the tension accumulates over the years.

But at some point the end comes. Then the body switches from the good advice to the rough programme. “If you won’t listen, you will feel!”

Depending on how quickly the problem is to be solved, the shortcut can of course always be the expert, who is paid separately for his knowledge.It always depends on the person and how urgently he wants a solution.

🙂 Am I an expert? At least that’s what I call myself. What do other people say about what I “fabricate”?

Look at it, let it work and make a decision.

See you soon.

Stay strong.


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