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The deeper meaning of taking medication. Are you 100% sure that you have considered all aspects? Or have you never asked yourself this question and just done it? Just swallowed the pill?

The pain relieving expert gives soft pats on the back of the head. And encourages us to think (about). Once again…The deeper meaning of taking medication. Are you 100% sure that you have considered all aspects? Or have you never asked yourself this question and just done it? Just swallowed the pill?

In one of his books, the American medical doctor Alex Loyd, MD, explained his position on natural remedies and drugs from the pharmaceutical industry: “It is a matter of the effects of natural substances being newly discovered. It is “not uneducated hicks” but intellectuals who have come to the same conclusions about medicinal herbs and supplements as others did centuries ago.”

Every disease and illness is caused by lack of energy at the cellular level. Again, very slowly, “Every disease. And every suffering. That is caused by lack of energy at the cellular level.”

Suppose the cells in the body close up to save energy. Why? It could be, for example, that simply too much waste has accumulated in the body and the body is massively overtaxed with the disposal. Because – fresh waste is constantly being replenished. If the cell is closed, then no oxygen and no nutrients can get into the cell and the glucose (the fuel of the cell) also no longer reaches its destination. The cell’s power plant (mitochondrion) is undersupplied. There must be something great from pharmacology, right?

Something – AGAINST.

A cell needs oxygen and glucose (fuel) and must be able to remove waste products from the cell. If you stop this process, a partial ‘blackout’ is the result because the cells no longer work properly. The complete blackout is already waiting around the corner. Cell death. This may be easy to endure for a certain time, especially at a young age. But when this event is joined by another and another – what then?

One chain link follows the next until the weakest link breaks. China has known the safe use of medicinal herbs since the beginning of the historical record. Why might one now try to restrict this free medicine? I mean, not only China has its own medicinal herbs. Also Ireland, also Italy, Spain…One might ask why a government would agree to a guideline that restricts vitamins, minerals and nutrients (in their entirety)? While many common medicines remain over-the-counter and are sometimes offered like “Smarties”. Any idea? A healthy customer buys nothing. How about that?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to offer only symptom suppression? Most medicines are developed by first finding a herb that works. Then they break it down into its components and look for the ‘active’ ingredients. But these are not yet patentable. Until now. A patent can be sold, for an enormous sum. So the next step is to change the ‘active’ ingredient so that it is no longer natural. The pure plant has become a chemical.

One of the best known examples is probably headache tablets (synthetic acetylsalicylic acid). Yes, that was originally a natural product. Who knew? Willow bark was the natural substance. Even “Hippocrates of Kos”, the philosopher, knew about the healing effect. At that time it was still what it originally was, the bark of a tree. Completely patent-free.

Possibly the thought could now be: “That’s not so bad. The main thing is that it works.” Unfortunately, the organ systems of the body are only designed to utilise organic substances. So the external substance (Let’s call these: pharmaceutical products.) is something that the body can’t break down any further. Another person might as well call these substances toxins. Or? He could.

And the whole thing has to get out of the body somehow. Oh, here comes the next dose again. And the next one. And the cells gradually stop working – the blackout. Do you remember? And new toxins, this time against the side effects. Now it’s really fun, isn’t it? And again from the beginning. Riding a carousel or a big wheel at the carnival may be fun. Just one ride. But over 10…20 years? Permanent? Every day. Hm….

Imagine that: Your favourite food. From now on, it’s every day. And only that, for the rest of your natural life. Is it still your favourite cheat meal, after 10 years? Everyone decides for themselves.

To whom I could give something, very nice. To whom not – no offence – and have a nice day.

If your goal is to finally live without pain or to significantly reduce the existing pain, my friend…. You’ll find out how to contact me, won’t you?

Questions? Let me know.

See you next time.

Stay strong.


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