Why fasting is such an effective treatment strategy for diabetes. Roll up your sleeves and take 5 minutes! The 2500 Words-Rant!!!

The pain relieving expert explains: Why fasting is such an effective treatment strategy for diabetes. Roll up your sleeves and take 5 minutes! The 2500 Words-Rant!!!

Can we already speak of an epidemic in diabetes? No? Are we counting the people who have been diagnosed with “pre-diabetes” – Still not? Is it likely that this 2nd group will “work its way up” to full diabetes?

What about the next generation – tending to be better? Or are today’s children and teenagers above average “much fluffier” than the generation before? How does it look now? Still no epidemic? Well then… 😉

Dr. Joseph Kraft, author of “Diabetes Epidemic and You: Should Everyone Be Tested?” suggests in his work that any fasting blood glucose level regularly above 90 mg/dl is indeed indicative of insulin resistance. In America, that’s 80 per cent of all Americans.

And when I see how Ireland is “eating” its way up to American ratios at the speed of light… Attention, attention!

Ultimately, diabetes is only a symptom. Insulin resistance, which leads to mitochondrial dysfunction, is also at the heart of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. Almost everything starts because the body is unable to burn fat as a primary fuel.

I own a brand new machine and fill up with fuel regularly. But what if this fuel permanently wears out the machine and leaves deposits all over the system. Is it possible that after a few years, the first, second and third irregularities will occur? And quite honestly, I don’t have to tell you this. You know that yourself.

You know that your body has a problem. It’s not as if you wake up one morning and say to yourself:

“Hey, I’m going to the doctor today, I don’t have anything else to do, and I’m going to get tested for diabetes. Oh… I didn’t expect there to be a problem. Funny. I didn’t notice anything at all. Well, let’s have the insulin… and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing…”

Really? Really??

You can tell that to Father Christmas, not me. Please, you are talking to a grown-up person. You don’t make a pile in the corner of the room and then wonder why it starts to smell funny, do you?

That’s called personal responsibility. Stop kidding yourself. By the way, in the above example, any diseases and corresponding resulting medications can be appointed. Did I mention that almost all medications are used to suppress the negative effects of mostly self-created circumstances? In other words, not to correct the cause. Didn’t I? No? That´s odd, isn´t?

Sorry, I’ll postpone the topic mentioned in the title until next time. If you are still with me then. 🙂

Questions? Let’s talk about it.

And whoever feels addressed, that’s exactly who I meant. Many success on your way.

Stay strong.


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