Diabetes and fasting and how a simple. logical approach will massively heal and support here. Not can, it will. Ready? Then go for it!

The pain relieving expert explains, but now really 🙂 Diabetes and fasting and how a simple. logical approach will massively heal and support here. Not can, it will. Ready? Then go for it!

Last week I talked “a bit” about diabetes and how Ireland is moving at the speed of light towards the existing American situation on this issue. I had to get that out. 🙂 For those interested, here is the link to last week’s post:

In my opinion, the simplest approach to significantly reduce diabetes is, simply put, fasting. Once it is understood what insulin resistance actually is and what type 2 diabetes is, you will understand why something as simple as abstaining from food for a period of time can be such a powerful intervention.

Diabetes, very simply explained, is an overflow problem of the cell. The cell cannot take up any more glucose because it is already full of glucose. Insulin resistance occurs when insulin tries (unsuccessfully) to transport glucose into the cell. The liver is busy getting rid of all this glucose by converting it into fat.

Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance have 99% of the same cause – too much sugar in the system. Now what would be a solution? Well not to use more insulin to get more glucose into an already full cell. It is already full, as already mentioned. And the second step is to free the cells again, i.e. to burn off the excess sugar. This has 2 effects, among others: The body is stimulated to mobilise fat reserves again and insulin sensitivity is increased again. To get straight to the point – intermittent fasting is time-restricted eating. To get rid of the excess glucose in the organs, you need to temporarily “starve” the cells. And exercise is not the solution to diabetes and cannot replace fasting.

Of course you should exercise, but that will only burn the glycogen in your muscles. What happens when insulin is used for existing type 2 diabetes? Insulin makes your body use all that glucose that’s flying around unused in your body. And if there’s too much glucose? I explained above – it just turns to fat. That’s why these patients gain weight. Plague or cholera. Or?

If you gain more weight, the diabetes gets worse, which means you have to take more insulin, which means you will gain more weight. And what is the common solution that is offered? And how well does that work so far? Are you open to innovations? Who can I support? How about distributing this information?

Would you like to know more? Many success on your way.

Stay strong.


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