Ways to relieve pain in the shins and clarifies the whys and wherefores. “Walkers” and “Runners” listen very carefully…

The pain relieving expert shows ways to relieve pain in the shins and clarifies the whys and wherefores. “Walkers” and “Runners” listen very carefully…

If you are more interested in this topic, I recommend the article from earlier this week. Link at the end of this article. 🙂

Who knows this? The shins are burning like fire. Especially when running or walking. The planned “Mile” is then usually cancelled…. Right? In the first part, I already talked about footwear and what a massive influence it can have.

When clients with this type of complaint come into my rooms, their eyes open wide when I explain that the problem is not in the shin, but the cause is in the calf. Yes, in the calf. The muscles and fascia of the calf are so severely shortened that the muscle at the front of the shin cannot compensate for the great pulling force of the calf muscles. What do I mean by that?

If one side of the body is too short (in this case the calf), the opposite side (in this case the tibia) must constantly counter-tension. Otherwise normal walking would not be possible. What happens when a person holds a full water bottle at a 90 degree angle in front of the chest? How long is that possible? Always at a 90 degree angle. 2 minutes? 5? And then it is no longer possible. Why? Because the arm starts to burn, like fire. Understandable so far?

Now we copy this to the leg. One side is completely under tension, the other side is considerably weaker and still has to face the superior force. And that 24 hours a day. In the young and evenly trained body – no problem at all. If I do not train or overtrain movement patterns in and on my body in a balanced way – this is exactly what happens. The body notices that there is an overload and sends pain to the region that is overloaded. In order to prevent the damaging movement. But now the problem is that you need to walk to get from point A to point B. This also affects the Achilles tendon.

In order to cure this, one should not move at all, not walk. Is that understandable?

How can this be treated? Stop walking and run? Is that an option? I suspect it is not.

By the way, in this case the Achilles tendon is also permanently overloaded. The entire anterior foot-lifting musculature also experiences a massive (over)strain, as it can no longer absorb the strong force of the calf muscles. Without countermeasures, it is very difficult to break this cycle.

Now that you know that there is someone ( It´s me. 😉 ) who can help you – you can buy a shortcut. When was the last time you were pain-free? Is that worth the investment for you? Is freedom from pain and independence worth the expense?

The alternative, if you want to treat this on your own, is to stretch the calf and the archilles tendon. Just so you know – a standard stretch like you normally do will not help here. The tension and shortening that is already there is simply too much.

The duration of the stretch, the angle of the stretch and the frequency of the stretch are the decisive factors.

Link to Part 1:

Questions? Let me know?

See you next time.

Stay strong.


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