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I have had pain in my shins for a few weeks. Fast walking and running is hell. What could be the reason for this?

The pain relieving expert is asked: I have had pain in my shins for a few weeks. Fast walking and running is hell. What could be the reason for this?

🙂 That fits in quite well, as I’ll be going into this a bit more intensively comming Friday under the heading: “The pain relieving expert explains.” And yes, I know this problem. From myself and from clients. Put simply, it’s usually in the calf, not the shin.”

What? Not at the front of the shin, but on the other side, at the calf?

“The muscles and fascia of the calf are shortened so much that the muscle at the front of the shin cannot compensate for the great pulling force of the calf muscles. As a result, the Achilles tendon is also permanently overloaded. The front foot-lifting muscles are also overstrained, as they can no longer absorb the strong force of the calf muscles.”

And that leads to pain? What can I do?

“It’s usually a combination of things. Usually this pain has something to do with the movement patterns and actions in everyday life. This pain also often affects athletes, especially runners. It can be the combination of the wrong footwear and movement patterns that cause shortening of the calf or increase that shortening.”

What do you mean by “the wrong footwear”?

“Now let’s look at 95% of all shoes. These have 2 characteristics. They are much too tight at the front or they are pointed at the front. And these shoes have a heel as a second characteristic. This leads to a condition which, in simple terms, can be compared to walking on the balls of your feet all the time. “

And that is a problem?

“Why don’t you just walk around the house for 5 minutes on the balls of your feet? Just five minutes. If, as mentioned, the calf is the culprit where is the most effort felt after 5 minutes? In the calf, right? “

“And now muliply that with months, years…. What does a muscle that is constantly strained do? “

I don’t know.

“I think we can agree that if one side is constantly strained, the other side has to withstand this pressure, which creates an imbalance. Especially since the other side doesn’t even begin to have the same load patterns. “

That’s right. But if I don’t wear heeled shoes. And running shoes and sneakers don’t have heels.

” Really? Is that so? 😉 So almost every running shoe I see has a heel and almost every sneaker has a heel. Not as high as heels or pumps, of course. It’s a little heel at the end of the day. And this is where the time factor comes into the equation again. It doesn’t happen overnight. It grows, it thrives….

with months, years, decades. “

What can I do? Can you help me?

“Check it out – this Friday. “The pain relieving expert explains.” I’m sure I can do something for you.”

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