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One of the best researched, most effective adaptogens in the world. Eleuthero.

The Pain relieving specialist recommends: One of the best researched, most effective adaptogens in the world. Eleuthero. Those who do not get enough sleep, are mentally and physically exhausted, stressed – a worthwhile source to try. I suppose there are a few people. 🙂

“Eleutherococcus senticosus” is also known as “Siberian “Ginseng.There is a distant relationship with the Asian Ginseng (Panax ginseng), but it is not Ginseng. The Eleuthero 1:1 extract is one of the best known, best researched and most effective adaptogens in the world. Eleuthero is well tolerated and is free from side effects.

Components of Eleuthero

The root contains steroidal glycosides, the Eleutherosides. These are responsible for the stress reducing effects of the plant. Similar to Ginseng. These are also the best-studied components of Eleuthero, the Eleutherosides. Important: Outside of Russia, commercially available Eleuthero comes mostly from China; Chinese Eleuthero, known as Ciwuja, is far less potent than Siberian Eleuthero; the effective Eleutheroside B is completely absent in Chinese Eleuthero.

Traditional use of Eleuthero

The Eleuthero root has been used in TCM for 2,000 years. In Russia, Eleuthero was originally used by the people in the Siberian Taiga. In 1964, the medicinal plant was confirmed as an adaptogen in Russia by the “Ministry of Health”.

Modern research:

Eleuthero is often called the “king” of the adaptogens. There are more published scientific studies on Eleuthero (more than 3,000) than on any other medicinal herb in the world. Eleuthero protects the body and strengthens its various systems against the pathological effects of all kinds of stress, such as those resulting from workload, heat, cold, excessive exertion, hypokinesia and radiation. Eleuthero also shows positive effects on various human functions. Among other things: visual acuity, colour discrimination, hearing, susceptibility to fatigue and the interaction between thinking and motor activity.

Important: More than any other adaptogen, the plant shows a normalising effect regardless of the physiological abnormality. What is meant by this? (for example, a normalisation of blood pressure in both hypertensive and hypoglycaemic patients and a normalisation of blood sugar levels in both hyperglycaemic and hypoglycaemic patients). How great is that? 🙂

Also interesting for athletes: Modern research proved that Eleuthero improved the condition and endurance of Soviet Olympic athletes and Russian cosmonauts, explorers, divers, sailors, factory workers, pilots, train drivers and mine workers. Because of its performance-enhancing activity, Eleuthero extract was an ingredient in the athletic training programmes of trainers in the Soviet Union.

Interesting as well: After the Chernobyl reactor accident, many Russian and Ukrainian citizens were given Eleuthero as an antidote to the effects of radiation. The plant showed that it protects people and animals from radiation and chemotherapy. Too good to be true, right?

Eleuthero supports the adrenal glands when the body is stressed. The medicinal plant increases physical strength and endurance and stimulates mental performance (quality of work). There are also over a hundred publications on the anti-stress properties of Eleuthero. I could probably extend this article by several more pages… But I will leave it at this short version. 🙂 Short, is good… haha…

Just a few words about my personal dosage of Eleuthero: 1:1 extract (Russian): 4-10 millilitres daily or solid extract from the dried and powdered root (must contain at least 1 percent Eleutheroside B):

500-1000 milligrams daily

Especially in times like these, one more idea and one more piece of advice cannot be out of place.

At least I think so. As I have already mentioned several times, I only recommend things that I have already taken and tested myself. This is also the case with Eleuthero.

Good luck on your journey.

Stay strong.


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