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My personal Two (!) favourite “Adaptogens”, based on his individual needs: Performance, Power and Balance.

The pain relieving expert recommends his two! favourite “Adaptogens”, based on his individual needs: Performance, Power and Balance. Do these adaptogens work? And what are “Adaptogens” anyway?

Let’s dive in! We start… 🙂

What are “Adaptogens”? Adaptogens are biologically active substances found in certain plants and fungi that make them adaptable. Other supps do that too. Of course. 🙂

The special thing is that adaptogens are able to reduce overflowing influences on the body and increase those that are too low. The body adapts – hence the name.

Very often, unfortunately, people only talk about stress. Yes, that is a massive factor. What about pain, what about concentration, what about balance, what about the body’s ability to defend itself against external influences? Let’s take blood pressure – too high is harmful. Ok. Is it always like that, always and all the time. No. Wouldn’t a better definition be, high blood pressure when it is necessary and less blood pressure when that is necessary.

That’s where adaptogens support the “case”.

Favourite 1) Cordyceps: “Cordyseps sinensis” belongs to the genus of the Fungi. It is one of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms in traditional Chinese medicine; it has been used for thousands of years for a variety of diseases. In the 17th century, the mushroom was even used as currency and was considered a sign of prosperity in China and Tibet. Traditionally, it is used to protect and improve lung and kidney function, which according to TCM is closely linked to the life energy Qi. Therefore, it is also considered a rejuvenating agent.

Cordyceps and its effect: Take a look at this! According to studies, it increases respiratory volume, has antibacterial, antioxidant, kidney-protective, energy-increasing, vasodilating, libido and potency-increasing, mood-lifting, defence-increasing, side-effect-reducing effects in cancer therapy.

Medicine uses the mushroom in these situations, among others:

-for high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems

-for high cholesterol levels-to strengthen the immune system

-for osteoarthritis pain

-for stress, exhaustion and depressive states

-to increase libido and fertility-to increase mental and physical performance

-for concentration disorders

Coryceps is more effective when taken in doses of about 3 g daily or more, or when an extract is used. This is what I do. 🙂

I use Cordyceps e.g. before a training session or if you don’t train, then an addition in the morning would be recommended. And does it work… hell yes. 😉

Now it might still fail on the only question: Where can I get it? In good quality ? And at an affordable price? Well then, just ask me. 🙂

Favourite number 2) Eleuthero / Siberian ginseng: I have already written an article on this.

Check if i hit a spot. Link here: https://www.facebook.com/flowmotionIreland/posts/778676412713511

Now imagine you have 2 products with these unique abilities, in good quality – and you combine them.

That has potential, doesn’t it?

Whats your opinion? Questions?

Suggestions? Let me know.

Stay strong.

See you next time.


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