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Nightshade plants – an explanation for inflammatory processes, arthritis and chronic pain in the body. Explanations, background and solutions. Part I from II

The pain relieving specialist give you a hint: Nightshade plants – an explanation for inflammatory processes, arthritis and chronic pain in the body. Explanations, background and solutions.

Permanent pain and no solution in sight?

First of all the question – What are nightshade family plants?

The nightshade family (Solanaceae) includes over 2,000 species. Among them are many popular vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and aubergine. Plants of the Solanaceae family contain “glycoalkaloids”.

These alkaloids inhibit processes in the body (cholinesterase). For example, “solanine” in potatoes and aubergines, “tomatoine” in tomatoes, “nicotine” in tobacco and “capsaicin” in peppers and chillies. For example, the “glycoalkaloids” in potatoes are known to contribute to “irritable bowel syndrome” (irriatbale colon). The consequences of ingestionIf these inhibitors are present in large quantities in the body, this can lead to muscle twitches, pain, sensitivity to pain, inflammation and stiffness in the body.

If the absorption of these substances is stopped, the symptoms can disappear after a few hours or days. This depends on the sensitivity of the person concerned, the amount of nightshade plants that are consumed regularly and the extent of the inflammation that is already present. If someone regularly consumes large quantities of “Solanaceae”, it can take up to 3 months for the inflammation and pain to subside. 3 months!

“Osteoarthritis” is the most common form of arthritis and knows no boundaries in terms of gender, ethnicity or age. Young people are affected in the same way as older people, even children are increasingly affected. How much of this is related to nightshade plants? Researchers are looking into this question, because it is thought that arthritis is often diagnosed when the cause is basically different. People actually experience too many side effects from eating nightshade family plants.

Norman F. Childers, the founder of the “Arthritis Nightshades Research Foundation”, says :

“Based on a survey of over 1,400 volunteers over a period of 20 years, it appears that diet plays a role in the etiology (cause) of arthritis. Plants of the Solanaceae family are an important causative factor of arthritis in susceptible individuals”.

As a pain relieving specialist I also deal with people who suffer from permanent pain. No doctor has yet been able to find a logical cause for this. Many speculations have been made as to what might be a cause or a psychosomatic cause has been put forward as an explanation.

Part 2:

The person is usually very, very helpless. Perhaps this article may help and the next one, of course. 🙂

The list of nightshade plants, follows in part 2 on this topic.

Do you have any questions? I am happy to stand by your side.

Stay strong.


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