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Boron and borax. (Part 2 of 2) “The stuff” for bones and joints! Even more benefits! Are you curious?

The pain relieving expert gives a hint: “The stuff” for bones and joints! And additionally a few more advantages. Boron and borax. (Part 2 of 2) Even more benefits! Are you curious? Let´s begin. 🙂

This is part 2 on this remarkable substance. I attach the link to the first part at the end. For the sake of completeness.

Human studies showed that boron can also quite significantly increase the activity of SOD in red blood cells. (SOD= superoxide dismutase, an enzyme with an antioxidant effect).Particularly in joint diseases, large quantities of harmful oxygen radicals are produced in the joint.

These not only increase inflammation, but also the destruction of the joint. SOD can neutralise the radicals and in this way inhibit the progression of arthrosis and improve the corresponding complaints.

For women more oestrogen, for men more testosterone. Check that out 😉

If boron is taken, the levels of the sex hormones increase – in both men and women. When women (after menopause) who had previously eaten very little boron were given more boron, their oestrogen and testosterone levels rose significantly (after 7 weeks), and in some cases the oestrogen level even doubled.

Men: Study (2010) Increase in testosterone level, after one week from 11.83 pg/ml to 15.18 pg/ml (6mg daily).This makes it especially interesting for older men, doesn’t it? 🙂

Same study: men’s oestrogen levels dropped from 42.33 pg/ml to 25.81 pg/ml. Inflammation levels fell as well. IL-6 (by almost 50%), CRP (by almost 50%) and TNF-alpha (by about 30%). This study points out that boron – even if it should not be an essential substance for humans – can be used as a helpful bioactive element. Once again, within a week, only 7 days. And a reasonable supplement with sufficient dosage (of boron) is around 18-20€. For the whole year. Is it worth it? What do you think?

Recently, due to the global situation, there have been more reports about VitaminD3. Let’s see how boron can positively influence this. Vitamin D3 is not only important for bone health, but also for the immune system and many other bodily functions. A deficiency should be avoided at all costs. Boron can raise vitamin D levels, as it can increase the bioavailability and also the half-life of vitamin D.

Boron can also be used to increase the vitamin D level. How? Boron inhibits the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of VD3.

Study (middle-aged women and men) Increase of VD3 levels by 39 percent within 7 weeks by daily addition of boron (3mg). What is the cost of a good VD3 supplement, sufficient for half a year? About 25€. Is it worth it? What do you think?

Skin diseases – 2 studies on this. Treatment with boron ointment. After 4 weeks of application (twice a day): The neurodermatitis was cured in 30 percent of the test persons.In 15 percent of the participants, the skin was healed after only 8 days. So I am very enthusiastic. Who else is?Ask me about sources of supply and if you have any further questions.

Link to part 1: https://www.facebook.com/flowmotionIreland/posts/843860869528398

See you next time. Stay strong. Matti

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