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“The stuff” for bones and joints! And additionally a few more advantages. Boron (Borax) ( Part1 of 2)

Shall we begin? Boron is a chemical element that occurs in nature.

Caviar, for example, can contain high amounts of borax. (4 g per kg, which is 4 mg per gram) that is a lot.Only… 🙂 Caviar every day… that gets boring, doesn’t it? And who wants that. 🙂

Borax used to be used as a detergent or softener. And because borax softened water so nicely, it was also added to the kettle in which the tea water boiled. Boron is a trace element that is vital for plants. Plants can therefore not thrive without boron. It follows that boron is always present in plant food. Supplements with completely harmless doses of 3-10mg are sufficiently effective. Excesses are excreted over time.

Study 1985, with postmenopausal women. Result: 28-day intake of 3 mg boron (as borax) per day reduced the excretion of calcium via the urine by 44 percent.

Boron now not only reduces the excretion of magnesium, but also improves its absorption from the intestine and its incorporation into the bones. In addition, boron inhibits the breakdown of oestrogen and thus increases oestrogen levels in post-menopausal women and can also protect against osteoporosis in this way.

Animal study 2008 and 2009, Result: Bone healing in the case of a boron deficiency was clearly inhibited. In contrast to optimal supply. Boron lowers the levels of typical inflammation markers such as CRP or TNF-alpha. TNF-alpha is a pro-inflammatory messenger substance that stimulates the formation of cartilage-degrading enzymes and causes painful inflammation in the joints.

Study 2011Result: CRP and TNF-alpha levels could be significantly reduced with boron. After one week with 10 mg (daily) of sodium borate, TNF-alpha levels were reduced (minus 20 per cent), CRP levels (minus 50 per cent) and IL-6 levels (minus 50 per cent).

Well, if that is not already very, very remarkable… here comes something on osteoarthritis: It is now known that osteoarthritis occurs with a significant frequency (+ 70 percent) in habitats with a daily boron intake of less than 3 mg.

In areas with an intake of 3-10 mg of boron per day, arthrosis occurs almost not at all or only with an incidence of at most 10 percent. The content of boron in the synovial fluid of arthrosis patients is considerably lower than in people without arthrosis.

I don’t think I need to say any more… or do I? 🙂 I would be happy to discuss further advantages in another article… And how a simple implementation into the daily life of the person concerned is possible.

Ask me if you get stuck. I’m happy to support you. 😉 See you next time.

Stay strong. Matti

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