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Why should I actually put myself under your hands? I mean, you often talk about your approach. But what is the difference? Why should I buy that?

The pain relieving expert is asked: Why should I actually put myself under your hands? I mean, you often talk about your approach. But what is the difference? Why should I buy that?

“Well, I assume that you have a problem and that is the reason why you are arranging a consultation. The people I have been able to help have been in pain (usually for years) or have noticeable movement limitations. A primary reason could be that you want to change this condition.”

Yes, but others do that too, don’t they? Why should I buy from you?

“Yes, you are right. I always like to let feedback from clients speak for me. Please understand that I don’t want to attack another person, it’s just the picture that comes up for me. When I ask clients why they found their way to me, I usually get 2 answers: XYZ recommended you or / and what I have done so far (had done) has no lasting effect. In the short term, yes (days / weeks).This is then like having to top up your credit, with your mobile phone provider every month to keep making calls, isn’t it?”

Aha. And that’s different for you?

“If I go by what clients say. Then yes.”

I’m not convinced yet. Why should I come to you?

“I actually have enough to do, but if my approach convinces you – fantastic. Let me ask you a counter-question: You are in pain and you are seeing a therapist. How often do you go there?”

So, once a month. Why?

“How long have you been doing this?”

Since 3 years.

“If you were finally pain-free, what would that be worth to you?”

I don’t know.

“Well, at a rough estimate you have already invested 600€ x 3 in your freedom from pain, right? But if this has not happened in the last 3 years, what are the chances that it will happen tomorrow? I only mean 1800€, that’s just the pure treatment costs, nothing extra has been added. 🙂.So another 3 years??”

And your approach is different?

“Based on the testimonies of clients. Yes, it is.If, as a first step, I erase your pain, then in the second step, I give you all the tools you need to develop and maintain that state of freedom. That will create an independence of further visits to a practitioner. Even independent from me. Would you buy then?”

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My Blog

I´m a qualified practitioner who pursues 2 goals together with the client.
-Reduce the current pain condition as quickly as possible.
-Make the client independent of further (all) visits to a therapist as quickly as possible.

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