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Why is it so difficult? The basic concept was understood, so why stop and not continue? We talk about packaging and the pollutants it contains. Hints and food for thought. Ready?

The pain relieving expert once again asks the question: Why is it so difficult? The basic concept was understood, so why stop and not continue? We talk about packaging and the pollutants it contains. Hints and food for thought. Ready? Then let’s start. 🙂

Would you put a freshly waxed apple back into a dirty bag? Would you keep freshly ground coffee in a dirty glass? Would you put the freshly washed cutlery back in with the dirty cutlery? No, no and no again, right? Why? That would not make sense. And double the work.

More and more people are taking a close look at food in terms of nutritional value and cultivation. So far so good. The packaging too? Hmm. No. There are now a hundred times more chemical residues in food from its packaging than from pesticides – not without consequences for health, of course.

Packaging protects food that reacts sensitively to light, oxygen, moisture and/or microorganisms. Ok. Let’s leave aside the environmental impact of plastic waste on the environment, otherwise this short article will turn into a whole book.

Aluminium: Beverage and food cans, closures of glass bottles, Tetra Paks, packaging of ready meals or foils: (protection against environmental influences + low weight). Aluminium is soluble under the influence of acid and salt and can thus transfer to food and beverages. Alkalis can also dissolve aluminium, e.g. in certain types of pastry. Possible health consequences of overexposure to aluminium include damage to the nervous system, effects on fertility and the unborn, effects on bone development, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Packaging contains plasticisers and makes brittle materials soft, pliable and elastic. So far so good. With regard to food packaging, plasticisers are so treacherous because they leak out of the material and can get into the food this way.

Whether you buy bread, dairy products, fruit or vegetables: Any food packaged with plastic can contain plasticisers. Many food packaging materials contain BPA. For example, coatings for food cans and beverage containers. When BPA-containing plastic containers are heated in the microwave, especially much of the harmful substance passes into the food. Still good? Nope.

Bisphenol A is one of those hormonal pollutants that can interfere with our hormonal balance even in tiny amounts. Scary, isn’t it? And who knew it?

Phthalates – used in the manufacture of many plastic products. Floor coverings, medicines, cosmetics or food packaging: We are constantly exposed to phthalates, which can be absorbed through the air, skin and food. Phthalates can now be detected in the blood and/or urine of virtually everyone. and there is much more…

Solution 1: Eliminate the pollutants. This is generally a good idea.

Solution 2: Avoidance.

Solution 3: Protect knowledge and understanding of the situation.

Solution 4: Repackaging.

Solution 5: Buy regionally and seasonally.

Questions about the topic? Any additions on your part?

Let me know. See you next time.

Stay strong.


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