Bread 1, 39

Where to put the butter on? On the bread! But is that still bread? …. Really??

The pain relieving expert gives a decisive hint: Where to put the butter on? On the bread! But is that still bread? …. Really?? 😉

How many ingredients can a loaf of bread have in order for it to still be considered a loaf of bread? Just off the top of my head… … 5… 7… 10?? What do you think? There was something about water, yeast, salt, flour and some sugar to start the yeast. At least that’s what I would use to create my bread. What if there were 25 ingredients or even 39? Is that still bread?

In addition, not all ingredients have to be listed on the label (by law). So it is very likely that there are many more “ingredients” besides what you read. The evidence follows further down in the text or in the pics. What is my point? Many people are in pain, exhausted, sleep badly, so they have a “good” start to the day… In order to “fight” the pain, painkillers and nutritional supplements are taken, and every now and then a massage or physiotherapeutic treatment… Let’s add up what this costs in total per year?

When was the last time a person was 100% pain-free? Not to mention the loss of quality of life. Why not cut out what puts extra strain on the body, for which it has to expend extra energy, in order to make something that does not occur in nature digestible? Like bread, for example, which you buy in the nearest supermarket. Of course, you could make your own bread… Is that difficult?

Counter question: Is breathing difficult? Basically yes, many processes run in parallel to transport the “nutrient” to the parts of the body where it is needed. But we have got used to it.

And in the long run it has turned out to be the only option. 🙂

Dear people… please start reading what you are putting in your mouth. And please don’t be surprised if your body simply goes on strike after 10-20 years because it can no longer process “all the soup”. At the latest then it starts to deposit it somewhere in the body. Please have a look at the label I have attached.

Link to another text on the same topic:

If this text has given you some new ideas – excellent. Questions? Let me know.

Many sucess on your path.

And stay strong.


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