What happens when people and clients ask an expert for advice and the advice doesn’t suit them? (max. 3000 words) Why not? That´s the question, isn´t?

The pain relieving expert brings the thunder: What happens when people and clients ask an expert for advice and the advice doesn’t suit them? (max. 3000 words) Why not? That´s the question, isn´t?

The following situation: The oil check lamp lights up in the car and the next trip is to the garage to check it. The car mechanic says: “Yes, there’s not enough oil in it, you have to top it up. If you don’t do that, it’s very likely that the engine will be destroyed.

Problem and solution. Right?

The driver is convinced that it is not necessary to top up the engine oil. And instead, he sticks a plaster on the flashing red light in the dashboard. He no longer needs to see the lamp. What happens in a few weeks ? …. Exactly. The purchase of a new car.

Is that what normal people do with their car? No. That would be stupid. Why not? The consequence and the expected cost factor is foreseeable. Why did the driver go to a specialist? Because he wanted an expert opinion. And that’s what he got. Answer: – If you don’t… that’s what happens.

– Should the driver have gone to an expert in the first place? Well, search engine – type it in: Car – flashing light – problem! Would have worked at first. But the driver also wanted an expert’s assessment. And voluntarily paid money for it.

Let’s copy the same situation to pain and problems in and on the body. A person is in pain and seeks the advice of an expert. And pays money for it. He gets this advice and what to do to fix the problem. Now the person puts a plaster on the flashing oil control lamp again. What does that mean?

He draws no real consequence from the advice. “Oh… that’s all right. It will be alright. I’ll do it tomorrow.” Something like that. What was that again about the consequence of not filling up the oil? Foreseeable cost factor – with announcement and replacement of the car. And you have to put up with the argument that if you don’t fill up the oil, despite massive warnings, you won’t come out on top in the intelligence test.

Why did the person go to the expert again? For the advice of an expert. Did it get it – hell yes.

So what could be the reason? Too lazy? There is no real pressure? It’s fine… somehow. It worked on the car, too. Why not with yourself?

Obviously, the expert was talking to a small child. A small child does not yet know what the consequences are if you hit yourself on the finger with a hammer.

It could also be that the person is convinced: “I’m already doing so much”. Honestly… obviously what you are doing is not working. Adult / small child – remember?

Is one then dull-witted or just stubborn.

I leave it to the reader of this article to judge for themselves.

Many success on your way.

Stay strong.


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