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We had talked the other day about bone loss, that is, ostheoporosis. Besides what you have already said, what else can be done?

The pain relieving expert is consulted: (Today it’s very provocative!) 🙂 We had talked the other day about bone loss, that is, ostheoporosis. Besides what you have already said, what else can be done?

“The main cause of ostheoporosis is lack of exercise. In everyday life, on average only ten percent of all possible movements and movement variations are used. One-sided movement patterns are one of the main reasons why it is the way it is. In addition to that, diet plays a big role.”

Why is that?

“Imagine you are building a house. The material for the bricks is inferior, the wood you use is old, the nails and screws are rusty – is this a sensible project in the long run? And even if you use high-quality material now and then to repair spots, the basic structure is still made of low-quality bricks, old wood and rusty nails. 1000 nails are needed for the house. 955 are rusty, 5 are brand new. Does that make a significant difference?”

I see. But what if the ostheoporosis is genetic? There’s nothing you can do about that then, is there?

“How do people come to believe that there is genetic damage? This is the case (correct me if I’m wrong) when people in one’s own family has/had the same problems? How is this assumption confirmed? You go to a doctor, looking for a solution, for support and then the question comes: Did your parents or grandparents have these problems too? Hm… yes. Well, then it’s probably genetic. Simple solution. There’s nothing I can do. Now my question: Is it possible that family members in higher percentages have the same behavioural patterns, exercise patterns and eating habits as their parents and grandparents?”

Yes, that is probably the case.

“And remember what I said at the beginning: exercise/exercise patterns and diet as 2 of the main causes. I admit, changing behaviour / movement patterns and eating habits is not easy. Sometimes it is very annoying. I often ask people with these problems. What if it wasn’t genetic? What if solutions existed that at least offered the possibility of participating in life without medication and without further medical care? Would you do it? -Oh… there is nothing I can do!- Thats quite often the answer. How do you know? What have you already done? Medication excluded. And medical examinations that have reconfirmed the diagnosis of “ostheoporosis”. And a massage / physiotherapy treatment here and there when it became too painful? What specifically?”

Good questions, good questions!

“I understand 100% that when you have sold yourself a condition for years, it is hard to change it. It costs energy to make an extra contribution, and at the same time your own energy level is in economy mode. I know that.

I ask again: What if it wasn’t like that?”

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