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Unbeatable. Inexpensive and effective help with pain from my dealings with clients and myself, of course. DMSO and MSM.

The pain relieving specialist recommends: Unbeatable. Inexpensive and effective help with pain from my dealings with clients and myself, of course.

In the first article on this topic, I explained the origin and background of why DMSO and MSM is so effective. Perhaps you will take another look in this article a few days ago. 🙂 I talked about the prices, too. Useful information about the applicationDMSO (ointments, cream or water/DMSO mixture) is applied to the affected area several times a day in a sufficient amount (thinly).

The application to the eye as well as to open wounds such as tissue burns or severe sunburn should only be carried out under medical supervision. The results of studies on the efficacy of this type of use are inconclusive and do not allow for a general recommendation. There is also evidence that externally applied DMSO increases the likelihood of pressure sores in bedridden patients.

The most important side effects of DMSO:

If you are generally sensitive or even allergic, use DMSO very carefully and start with a very small amount to test tolerance! Taking DMSO orally can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Furthermore, DMSO can cause a histamine release from the mast cells. The result can be severe tingling, redness, unpleasant itching, dry skin, rashes, headaches and dizziness. I myself have never had any noticeable side effects.

DMSO has been shown to been effective in the treatment of:

– complaints of bruises and swellings

– Complaints of sprains

– Strain complaints

– Complaints in case of sports injuries

– Haematoma complaints

– Complaints with circulatory disorders

– Complaints of localized arthrosis and arthritis

Application of MSM:

MSM is very well suited for internal use due to its excellent compatibility. The undesirable side effects known for DMSO do not apply to MSM according to the current state of knowledge. Up to a dosage of 4 g per day, MSM is “generally recognized as safe” (meaning “generally safe”).

MSM improves mobility and relieves pain in joint diseases.

The areas of application include:

– Diseases of the joints, such as arthrosis

– Arthritis

– Cartilage preservation

– Intervertebral disc problems

– States of pain

Additionally also with: ! – allergic rhinitis (hay fever)

– Increase of the body’s resilience

– Sore muscles after training

MSM can be taken alone or in combination with other agents such as “chondroitin sulfate” and “glucosamine sulfate” for joint diseases. Studies have shown that the effect is further enhanced by this combination. MSM is also available under the names “methyl sulfoxide”, “methyl sulfone” or “organic sulfur”.

MSM: Useful information about the applicationIf you would like to use MSM, then you should make sure that you take it for a sufficiently long time. For all diseases of the joints, it should be three months in order to be able to determine a clear effect. An exception to this is the use to avoid muscle ache after training. In this case, MSM is taken once in a dosage of 2 g about half an hour before the sporting activity.

The most important side effects of MSM:

Preparations containing MSM are usually well tolerated, but for safety reasons it should still be taken with meals. Side effects include flatulence and stomach ache. These are usually short-lived and are particularly common at the beginning of the intake.

What you should be aware of when buying DMSO:

DMSO can also be purchased in its pure form. Here it is usually available as a 99.9 percent DMSO solution, which is diluted before the actual application. When buying DMSO, it is important to make sure that it is purchased in amber glass bottles (i.e. glass bottles) and in pharmaceutical quality! DMSO in plastic bottles dissolves the plastic. Important!

This pure DMSO solution is best stored in the refrigerator. In the refrigerator, DMSO becomes viscous or crystallises. At room temperature it becomes liquid again. Despite optimal storage, the decomposition of DMSO into dimethyl sulfide can cause a foul odor over time.

Do you have any questions? I would be happy to answer them.

Stay strong. And see you soon. 🙂


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