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Tingling hands and fingers that fall asleep? Also often in combination with shoulder pain.

The pain relieving expert explains: Tingling hands and fingers that fall asleep? Also often in combination with shoulder pain.Let’s begin. 🙂

It can be very annoying, this tingling all the time. In addition, you may wake up in the night when your arm, hand or just your fingers have fallen asleep. I haven’t even started on the pain that comes with it and the restricted movement. Does this sound familiar to you?

Usually there is no nerve damage or nerve disorders. At least that is my view of things. Why? Experience. 🙂

Imagine that when most of the movement happens in front of the body, the muscles and vessels that are mainly connected to it are squeezed together.

Here’s the question: How much of your activity is done in front of the body? 96%, 98%… more? A trained muscle usually becomes shorter. At the same time, the opposite side (i.e. the back of the upper body) is permanently stressed, because it has to constantly counteract this forward pull. Structures are strongly pressed, nerve endings are squeezed, lymphatic channels are pinched off. What happens when a tube is squeezed more and more in one place? The “water” no longer flows so well.

This is perceived as a tingling sensation. Now the person also sleeps in an awkward position for hours. This potentiates the effect. Does that make sense? I think so. What do you think?

Many of these tubes and pipes are “housed” in the wrist. Blood vessels, nerves and also lymphatic channels. Most of the time something is pinched and is no longer supplied with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. If there is a tingling sensation in a certain part of the body, the brain signals that the situation is urgent.

And so asks for relief in a loving way. If there is no relief, the brain will talk louder, even louder…. then scream and then scream permanently. Then, at the very latest, the urgent desire for redemption is the thought that determines everyday life. Does this sound familiar to you? Simplified, it can be said that more space must be created in the regions that are squeezed. Simple and straightforward.

Solution approach 1: (Fastest solution / fastest results)Choose a shortcut through expert knowledge. That costs money.

Solution approach 2: You find a solution yourself. That takes time. And is largely cost-neutral.

Depending on how long you take for a solution… Keep in mind that numbness in the body is only an indication of a problem. Just a slight knock. And knocking can become hammering, right?

By the way, new appointments are possible. Get in touch. See you next time.

Stay strong.


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-Make the client independent of further (all) visits to a therapist as quickly as possible.

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