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The underlying diseases of the unconscious consumer,Part 3 (of 3)We’re getting again down to the nitty gritty and I’m stating new facts. Shall we?

The pain relieving expert clears up again:The underlying diseases of the unconscious consumer,Part 3 (of 3)We’re getting again down to the nitty gritty and I’m stating new facts. Shall we?

I’m attaching part 1+2 by link back to this text, at the end.

Studies show: Our ancestors, could utilise about four times the Calcium and Magnesium from their diet, six times the Vitamin C (as well as Vitamin E and Zinc). The food before the industrialisation of agriculture – it is hard to imagine – contained ten times as much Potassium. Through the industrialisation of agriculture, nutrients are disappearing more and more from plants and from slaughtered animals.

According to serious scientific studies, food from large-scale cultivation is dramatically inferior in terms of minerals and vitamins.

Two studies compared the loss of nutrients from plants in only 17 years. (Food Laboratory Karlsruhe in 2002 and the pharmaceutical company Geigy in 1985).

Here are some examples: Broccoli (calcium) – 73%, beans (vitamin B6) – 77%, potatoes (calcium) – 78%, carrots (magnesium) -75%, spinach (vitamin C) -65%, banana (folic acid) -79%,Strawberry (vitamin C) -87

The result at the end: We buy “mass” without content.

And the result of the 2nd study is already 19 years ago!!! The industrially produced food makes it very, very difficult for the mitochondria in the cells of the body to produce energy from it. Due to the “lack of energy” they contain!

In addition, there is a lack of hexagonal body water. According to Prof. Dr. Jhon, the water deficiency is 20% in overweight people and even higher in obese people.The above-mentioned control circuit is damaged again here. The energy supply from the non-existent water is missing. The supposed compensation through cola, lemonade or energy drinks does not solve the problem.

In desperation, the body signals “I’m hungry”, because it needs good energy. What does it get instead (again): chips, burgers, pasta, pizza, topped sausage roll, all including chemical sauce. The obese person is hungry all day because, among other things, he is dehydrated. The last thing is the gradual poisoning of the body over the years. The problem of the common homo sapiens is that he does not know that he is poisoning himself or being poisoned. In each country, certain authorities are responsible for ensuring that maximum levels of toxins in food and cosmetics are not exceeded.

This may all be true in theory. But what if only one parameter upsets the healthy body? Is it still true then? Possibly not. And we are talking about the intake of toxins from food and cosmetics over decades.

Could it be, just as a theory, that when the environment is poisoned or weakened that viruses and bacteria have a much, much easier time working on and in the body? Conspiracy theory, right? 🙂 By the way, appointments can be made again.

You know how to reach me, don’t you?

Link to part 1)

Link to part 2)

Many sucess on the road ahead.

Stay strong.


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