The topic of jaw pain and the connection to other complaints that first of all have nothing to do with the jaw. An “eye-opener” awaits you.

The pain relieving expert explains: The topic of jaw pain and the connection to other complaints that first of all have nothing to do with the jaw. An “eye-opener” awaits you.

Last week, I mentioned the topic of “jaw pain” and complaints with the chewing muscles in extracts. I am happy to add this article again below. If you´re interested. An important point that is not usually associated with jaw pain are impairments in other joints or regions of the body.

Permanent tension in the jaw joint irritates the “trigeminal nerve”, among other things, in the long term. This sends alarm signals to the brain stem, which can cause additional stimuli in other areas. The inner ear is often affected. (Responsible for balance.) The brain stem passes directly into the spinal cord. The spinal cord controls all the skeletal muscles. Thus, the functioning of the most diverse areas can be negatively affected.In some cases a malocclusion causes a muscular disturbance of the sacro-iliac joints, which can result in a leg length discrepancy, for example. However, this can disappear as soon as the malfunction in the temporomandibular joint is corrected. Who would have thought that, right?

One problem that can arise from this, however, is that a lot of time is now wasted on the “try” that does not address the actual cause. In other words, not at the source. Damage to the spine is made “easier” by permanent incorrect loading and the intervertebral discs are sometimes put under a lot of strain. Perhaps the person has already had a long period of suffering and the pain – despite orthopaedic treatments, painkillers or operations – has not become better, but rather worse? Perhaps the person have even developed new pain conditions in other parts of the body? Who recognises themselves here? 😉

Well… ? The body can, to a certain extent, compensate for minor disorders in the musculoskeletal system. However, it cannot do this in the long term and, above all, not without symptoms. As soon as something is not working optimally, the body indicates this in the form of “alarming” pain.

Like a phone call from the brain to the part of the body or in several parts of the body that is not functioning optimally. And the ringing gets stronger and stronger if there is no correction. I suppose all of us have noticed this before, haven’t we? 🙂

I would be happy to support anyone who now feels addressed. You know how to contact me, don’t you? Because new appointments are possible again. 🙂

Link to the article, I´ve written 1 week before:

See you next time.

Stay strong.


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