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The tissue of the human body can be regenerated by natural substances.

The pain relief expert recommends: The tissue of the human body can be regenerated by natural substances. The body is normally in a state of incessant regeneration. If a disease exists, the degenerative processes overlay the regenerative capacity of the organism.

What is the usual way when you notice such a problem in yourself? In this case, conventional medicine prescribes chemicals which have very little or no regenerative potential. On the contrary, these drugs almost always intervene in the body’s own self-renewal process to suppress the symptoms against which they are used.

I would like to list a few natural substances below and name the part of the body in which these substances have a regenerative effect. Everything I will list below has been proven by relevant studies (to be found at PUBMED).

If a medication is already being taken, the treatment should be changed, always in consultation with the treating physician.

-Regeneration of nerve cells:

In 2010, a study was published in the journal “Rejuvenation Research” that showed that a combination of blueberry, green tea and carnosine has neuritogenic (i.e. it promotes neuronal regeneration) and stem cell regenerative effects in an animal model of a neurodegenerative disease.

Other neuritogenic substances studied are: Curcumin, Ginseng, Nattō (fermented soybeans), Resveratrol, Theanine, Ashwaganda, Coffee (Trigonelline)

-Regeneration of the liver:

Glycyrrhizin, a compound found in liquorice, has been shown in animal models to stimulate the regeneration of liver mass and liver function.

Other substances involved in the regeneration of the liver are: Carvacrol (a volatile compound in Oregano), Curcumin, Korean Ginseng, Rooibos, Vitamin E

-Regeneration of the beta cells of the pancreas:

The most common treatment, in the case of diabetes, is insulin replacement therapy. Other treatments, such as stem cell therapies, islet cell transplants and a number of synthetic drugs are very expensive.

It has been experimentally proven that the following compounds regenerate insulin-producing beta cells, which are destroyed in insulin-dependent diabetes: Gymenna Sylvestre, Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa), Vitamin D, Curcumin, Arginine, Berberine (in bitter herbs such as turmeric and barberry), Sulforaphane (especially concentrated in broccoli sprouts).

I hope I could share some new information with you.

Stay strong.

See you soon.


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