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The pain relieving expert is asked: Tell me, you have often talked about nutritional supplements that help with pain. Can you give me a summary again?

The pain relieving expert is asked: Tell me, you have often talked about nutritional supplements that help with pain. Can you give me a summary again?

“Sure. By supplements you mean supplements that are not synthetically produced, right? So they work the same, if not better than artificial medicines, with fewer (possible) side effects. Is that what you mean?”

Yes, exactly that!

“Well, I’m the pain relieving expert, so I’m mostly talking about supplements that reduce pain. That support with osteoarthritis, speed up healing and support self-healing. For example, there is organic sulphur, MSM. Or vitamin D3 in combination with vitamin K2. I had already written a few articles on this.”

Ok. And what else?

“Where should I start? There are lots of things that can be useful. Frankincense, DMSO, Cat´s Claw, Rose hip peels, and and and…If you want to know more and want to be even more specific, then you have to ask me more specifically. It is usually the case that other problems and complaints are exacerbated by the pain. “

Yes, I can well imagine that. And why is that?

“Now imagine it like this: You have a tooth that is sensitive to cold. It hasn’t been a problem so far. Now it is constantly triggered by cold and warm things. Unpleasant, isn’t it? The nerves are extremely irritated by pain when these phases last longer. The sensitivity is increased. What was not noticed before is now a massive problem.”

For example?

“Well, let’s take sleep. People with pain usually don’t have restful sleep. They basically wake up exhausted and then struggle through the day. They are even more irritable. Because there is no real recovery. Painkillers still work, at first. Then the side effects set in. And on top of the first problem, are now already sleep problems, exhaustion and now brand new…. side effects of the medication. And that’s a very superficial description now.

And how do you solve the problem?

“I would start at the cause. If I release the pressure from the boiler, the whole system calms down. At least that’s what I do with clients. I relieve the system, at the source. “

But that costs money if they let you help them, doesn’t it?

“Of course. You want a shortcut. What I have spent decades learning, practising and trying out.

Yes, of course it costs money. That’s my business. Do you expect if somebody fix your car, he´ll do it for free? If you have to ask a tax consultant, for free again? Not really, or? 🙂 The question is, how much is your freedom from pain worth to you? Can you even calculate that in money? Is it real freedom from pain and do you not have to rely on follow-up treatments? “

How is that meant?

“Freedom from pain – all well and good. How long does it last? Without further intervention by the practitioner?? Pain-free for 1 week and then back again for a new treatment…? Every week? Every month a new treatment, a new massage? Even if it’s only every month, even every 3 months…? Is that freedom from pain?

Not in my world. 😉 And even there you will be allowed to pay something for it every 3 months.

Just add it up…. “

That’s it for today. Thank you.

See you next week.

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I´m a qualified practitioner who pursues 2 goals together with the client.
-Reduce the current pain condition as quickly as possible.
-Make the client independent of further (all) visits to a therapist as quickly as possible.

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