Tell me, which pillow would you recommend as a sleeping pillow? I mean, there are countless variations. And many people wake up in the morning with pain in their neck or back.

The pain relieving specialist is asked: Tell me, which pillow would you recommend as a sleeping pillow? I mean, there are countless variations. And many people wake up in the morning with pain in their neck or back.

“Good question. For my explanation, it is important to understand how the anatomy of the body works. Many people use one large pillow or two pillows on top of each other. Why? If a bad posture already exists (whether consciously or unconsciously) then the pad supports the daily posture & structure of the body. It feels more comfortable. In the case of a hunchback, for example, the sleeper sometimes lies with the back partlyon the high pillow, too – which imitates the daily posture in everyday life. The body already knows this, so it is more comfortable”.

Does this mean that many people develop a circumstance that is not healthy even further during sleep?

“Exactly, that is what it means. A flatter base of the head would be better. However, if the malposition is already far advanced, then this position is not considered comfortable.”

And if I use a soft pillow, because it sinks under the weight of the head? That will flatten the pillow, too.

“Try it out for yourself. What happens to the chin when the head hits a soft pillow? The back of the head sinks and the chin continues to pull upwards. The head is unnaturally overstretched. The “bad” posture of the day continues.”

I see. So a thin pillow. Right?

“Here´s the same. Again, the neck is stretched out. Don’t believe me, test it yourself.”

Then a neck roll! That’s espacially for neck pain,isn’t it?

“Here, the stretching of the neck is more severe.”

But I find it very comfortable on a bolster.

“Do you find it still comfortable, after waking up? 😉 Once again, when I am in a position all day, with an overstretched neck, then I unconsciously look for a position at night that imitates this position. We both agree that incorrect postures usually cause pain? Okay. That this is counterproductive, the person realises in the morning. When once again the neck feels like a plank. “

It’s complicated. And how do you sleep, as a professional. 😉

“Without pillows. Here the head is brought into a natural position that affects the whole body.”

But that’s very uncomfortable, isn’t it?

“In the beginning it takes some time getting used to. Sure. But the pillow is just one “tool” that can help with pain. Among countless others. Today we are only talking about a pillow. A daily routine of 6-8 minutes is supportive and essential, especially if you have “starting problems” after waking up.

What I have experienced through observation of myself and clients is the constant improvement of the condition. If you want to know more about this, please feel free to contact me.”

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