Teeth grinding, destroyed teeth, bite splints, neck pain… the mouth can no longer be opened properly wide… Sounds familiar?

The pain relieving expert promises relief. Teeth grinding, destroyed teeth, bite splints, neck pain… the mouth can no longer be opened properly wide… Sounds familiar? How long is this going to go on? A few more years? No? Let’s start…

The symptoms associated with teeth grinding (bruxism) are so extensive that bruxism treatment often starts at a completely wrong point. At least in my opinion. Unfortunately, in many cases it is not only the patients but also the doctors themselves who are at a loss. They often only treat the individual pain conditions symptomatically and are out of their depth when they look at the complex complaints of their patients.

The holy grail: “The bite splint”.

How much does it cost? A relaxed 500-700€? Until it was broken, once again. Time to refuel, dear patient. 🙂 Once again 500€ for a new splint. And again, and again…. Not a long-term concept, is it?

Not to mention that the original problem is not solved. This is only to minimise further damage as far as possible. What has already been done so far, that goes extra. And there is still the pain. And the sleep disturbances. Painkillers… Massages… That adds up to a lot.

What if – just a very small point I would like to mention here – the cause is not in the mouth, but in the hips? Pelvic obliquity with leg length discrepancy and scoliosis of the spine are responsible for more than 50% of occlusion disorders.

What is an occlusion disorder? These are disturbances in the harmonious interlocking of the upper and lower jaws. Can psychotherapy help? One often hears that stress or psychological strain and tension can be one of the main causes for teeth grinding…Of course it can help to reduce stress. Of course.

If I let a system, in this case my body, say, 20 … 30 years of improper conditioning and training and the body is used to using an internal structure of muscles, bones and fascia as it has been taught, why would it change that? Can you just use a broken arm as you did before if it was forced into a rest position for weeks afterwards? No. And we are only talking about weeks here, not years.

What would I do if I had a problem with teeth grinding? First of all, I would try to tackle the problem causally. Reduce the tension peaks in the system, especially in the extremely hardened masseter muscle, in the neck and shoulder area. This all sounds great, but it is a new challenge for the person concerned, and the situation with the dentures alone usually leaves no room for new “Oh, I really ought to try that out a bit, somehow ” situations.

Well, what do affected people want: quick, effective, long-lasting solutions. What do they forget? Oh, yes – fairly priced. Depending on how urgent a problem is…. Expert knowledge. That’s what you buy.

What is good and useful expert knowledge? It’s what others say has worked brilliantly for you.

It’s like asking your friend for a good hairdresser… “What’s he actually like?” In other words, does it make sense to invest my money here? I invite you to experience all these points for yourself. Check out testimonials from my clients, check out the ratings, check out my website, with more testimonials.

And then make a decision. See you next time.

Stay strong.


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I´m a qualified practitioner who pursues 2 goals together with the client.
-Reduce the current pain condition as quickly as possible.
-Make the client independent of further (all) visits to a therapist as quickly as possible.

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