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Stomach / intestinal complaints / nervous stomach – just in these times(!) A solution approach. And there´s much more

The pain relieving expert gives a hint: Stomach / intestinal complaints / nervous stomach – just in these times(!) A solution approach. And there´s much more.

Artichoke extract. I find that very exciting. Because in addition to the support for complaints, the following is also added: It prevents attacks of ravenous hunger and boosts the metabolism so well that it makes it easier to lose weight. Artichokes have been used for centuries as a traditional remedy with great effects for very specific complaints.

Responsible for the healing effects of artichoke leaves is a high content of bitter substances, e.g. Cynarin. Artichoke extract is effective against digestive disorders such as nausea, bloating, belching, heartburn, flatulence and premature feeling of fullness. Nausea reduction and cramp relief included.

Study 2015, University of Pavia/Italy, 4 weeks duration: Artichoke extract + ginger 4 in subjects with functional dyspepsia

Before the study: fullness after eating, flatulence, nausea and other symptoms typical of the stomach.

After the study: significant improvement in all symptomsI am a big fan of using “the tools” that are already there more optimally or leaving out things that are too much, instead of always adding something new.

Even the most efficient body is eventually worn out and burnt out. Does that make sense? I think so. How about an extract that optimises digestion and makes nutrients that would otherwise be excreted undigested bioavailable? That would save money, wouldn’t it?

Let’s take a look. Shall we?

Artichoke extract also improves bile flow and promotes pancreatic function. In this way, digestion and nutrient utilisation is raised to a new level. Comparable to an engine in a car built in 2020 and built in 2008. The digestion of fat is significantly improved.

Artichoke extract instead of cholesterol-lowering drugs! Yes… exactly. 😉

Synthetic cholesterol-lowering drugs can have a whole host of unfavourable side effects (cataracts, muscle problems, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes).

Study 2013, Italy, 6 weeksResult: Reduction of LDL cholesterol by about 18 per cent, while HDL levels increased slightly. Artichoke extract increases cholesterol excretion and inhibits cholesterol formation in the liver cells. Other positive effects on heart/circulation, blood sugar, detoxification and liver complaints. Losing weight with artichoke (extract) – is it possible?

Will I drive faster if I suddenly have 40 more horsepower at my disposal? Hm…

The basal metabolic rate increases and purification begins. At the same time, bouts of ravenous hunger do not occur. The blood sugar level is balanced.

Well, what do you think? 🙂 Could that work? Just ask me if you have any questions. If you don’t know how and where you can get a good quality. Because here too, quality first.

And we are talking about a concentrate, not a powder. I look forward to your feedback.

See you next time.

Stay strong.


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