rollen fäaaser

Roll for my back because of my back pain. Back roll.

The pain relieving expert is asked: You are the person who talks about pain all the time and what you can do to make you feel better. Now I have bought a roll for my back because of my back pain and I want to use it. What is your view on this?

“Well, basically a good idea first. I use these roles myself when treating pain in clients. I think many people have already bought a roll. But then I wonder why the roll gets “dusty” in the cupboard and is no longer used. That is funny, isn’t it?”

Now that you mention it… My mother bought one and it’s been in the cupboard for years. Unused. And getting dusty. 😉 Why’s that?

“I think there’s three reasons. The role is too hard. It is very painful to roll with. The roll is too uncomfortable. You have the feeling that somehow this “tool” doesn’t fit. The effects you get with rolling are not what you expected. The idea behind this try is excellent. If I treat myself so that I can get out of the cycle of pain. And save a lot of money, because I don’t have to go to a therapist every 14 days. “

I see. I ordered the “tool” from “Amazon”. It was quite cheap and the reviews were good, too. Where did I make a mistake in thinking?

“After thinking about help, the next thought should follow – Why can rolling help with pain? What exactly does this “thing” do and what should it do? If a roll is too hard, I bear the condition very, very unwillingly. And every time I have to force myself to do it. And then it does not get any better.

Logically, the question then arises: Why do I do this to myself? Does the role fit – is it too big, too small? I know this situation when I ordered my first role online. Always the feeling that it doesn’t fit somehow. Does the role cause more pain under certain circumstances? Why should I roll then?”

Okay, okay. I’ll find a role that suits me. And this one’s not too hard either. And then I put my back on it and off you go, rolling. Isn’t it?

🙂 Not yet. I already said, that we have to understand what the rolling is supposed to do. It’s about fluid shifting in the body. Shifting in one direction. So why should it make sense to roll back and forth? No. If rolling, then only in one direction. Towards the heart. And rolling slowly, in very slow motion. Otherwise the desired effect is not achieved. I can only briefly touch on the subject here. All my clients know what I mean. Anyone who is interested in the topic in more detail is welcome to contact me.”

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I´m a qualified practitioner who pursues 2 goals together with the client.
-Reduce the current pain condition as quickly as possible.
-Make the client independent of further (all) visits to a therapist as quickly as possible.

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