Rid of your own belly fat. And there is evidence to back it up. Ready? Then let’s get started.

The pain relieving expert gives some help when it comes to getting rid of your own belly fat. And there is evidence to back it up. Ready? Then let’s get started.

First of all, the basic concept to get the body to “consume” its own reserves is, very simply explained, to keep the daily energy requirement higher than what you take in every day? Does that make sense? It does. I often have conversations with people who don’t do any sport or who want to achieve something more in addition to sport. That’s the point.

Belly fat is also called visceral fat and increases the risk of heart attack. It is so dangerous because it also surrounds internal organs, promotes chronic inflammatory processes (considered an important cause of almost every disease) and can contribute to metabolic disorders. Insulin resistance, high blood sugar (or already type 2 diabetes), increased blood lipids, etc.

Study from 2019 – dietary change combined with sport/exercise.Within 4 months there was a weight reduction of about 6 percent. Abdominal fat decreased by 12 per cent on average. In the group (diet + exercise) it was almost 15%.

What works without sport? What can be achieved without sport?

-Coconut oil. Especially for frying, you should use a high-quality virgin coconut oil. Its medium-chain fatty acids can help break down belly fat. Olive oil, sunflower oil out and coconut oil in their place. This should also reduce inflammation levels.

Study from 2011

20 overweight subjects after 4 weeks – reduction of 2.86cm in waist circumference just by switching to coconut oil. No other changes to diet or exercise levels.

Study from 2009

40 women (20-40 years old), diet and walking, 50 minutes dailyIn addition, they received either soybean oil or coconut oil as a dietary supplement. After 12 weeks, both groups had a lower BMI, but only the coconut oil group also had a lower waist circumference, which is indicative of a reduction in abdominal fat.


! Turmeric from the supermarket is not the same as curcumin !

Meta-analysis from 2019, researchers examined 21 studies, finding: Regular intake of curcumin not only significantly reduces BMI, but also waist circumference, indicating belly fat reduction. The daily curcumin dose was up to 2400 mg, the duration of the studies was between 4 and 36 weeks.


Grapefruit can also help with belly fat loss. In a 2012 study, participants were asked to eat half a pink grapefruit three times a day – with each main meal for 6 weeks. The control group (who did not eat grapefruit) had more abdominal girth compared to the other group . (by 2.45 cm on average)

The grapefruits also reduced blood pressure (systolic) by about 3.2 mmHg. Note that grapefruits can increase the effect of medicines (and thus also their side effects). A clarifying discussion with the doctor regarding possible interactions would be a possible option.

Even grapefruit essential oil mixed with cypress, juniper berry, sweet orange and sage oils – when massaged into the skin – can help lose belly fat, as a 2007 study showed. Participants received aromatherapy with a full body massage every day for six weeks.

In addition, they were to massage the oil into their belly twice a day for five days a week. The participants were able to significantly reduce their waist circumference with this (which was not the case in the control group, which simply used grapefruit seed oil).

To make the oil, you can simply mix 4 drops of each of the essential oils mentioned (of the sage oil only 1 – 2 drops) with 30 ml of a basic massage oil (e.g. almond oil). There are solutions, you just have to know them. Right?

And I know much more… 🙂

Are you interested in this topic? Let me know.

See you next time.

Stay strong.


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