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Pain in the buttocks, pain when sitting down, burning when getting up…

The pain relieving expert is asked: Tell me, do you know pain in the buttocks, pain when sitting down, burning when getting up? Do you have an idea where this comes from?

“I know clients and people who have the problem. Buttock pain can be caused by very different symptoms. Often the pain starts in the upper body, or more precisely in the lower back, and radiates into neighbouring areas such as the buttocks, hips, thighs and sometimes up to the knees. The pain they cause is often due to overstretched and unyielding muscles and fasciae caused by sedentary and one-sided straining activities”.

But what is the reason that too much sitting causes these problems?

“Question: Is it very likely that one-sided movements will result in only a minimum of movement angles? Yes, that is very likely. When sitting, only a certain angle is taken and if a lot of sitting is the order of the day – then these angles are taken very often and very frequently. Of possible 100% executable angles of movement, only 10% are executed regularly on average. So 90% less than would be possible.”

So what is the problem?

“Prolonged sitting could also be called static overload. The entire upper body – including head and arms – presses on the lumbar spine and the buttocks.If such overloads occur repeatedly, they are registered by receptors in the periosteum. The brain recognises this as a threat and sends an alarming pain to the region of the body that is overloaded. If the fascial tensile stress increases further and further forward, the back extensors eventually give way. This is often also noticeable in the posture. Because the imbalance causes the lumbar spine to bend. The hunchback is often the result of this. To compensate for this incorrect posture, many people automatically push their stomach out and their bottom back – a hollow back is created. “

And what can the person do?

“Less sitting. 🙂 The good news is that these trained patterns can be regulated again through targeted movements. The alarming pain is then no longer necessary. Freedom from pain is regained and can be maintained throughout life. Whatever the medically correct term for a disease associated with pain in the buttocks, e.g. “Piriformis syndrome” or “sciatica” / “ischialgia” or “sacroiliac joint syndrome” – I have already mentioned one of the main causes. Too few regularly executed movement angles. “

Can you explain this in more simple terms? 😉 What do you recommend? What is the fastest way?

“A personal first conversation with me is the fastest way. The aim is not to see the person as often as possible and to get the treatment paid each time. No. The aim is to release the client into personal responsibility as soon as possible, because he/she knows everything that can be done to relieve him/herself (without my guidance) in case of emergency /pain. “

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