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Pain in and around the foot. Deformed big toe.. “Hallux Valgus”.

The pain relieving expert explains: Pain in and around the foot. Deformation of the toes. Again and again I support people with pain in their feet. Very often I also see a deformed big toe, the so-called “Hallux Valgus”.

It is important to understand that pain in the foot comes to 99% not as a surprise. No. You dont wake up, at day X, and the pain wakes up, too – for the first time. It is rather likely that everything has developed over years, decades. And it was not important enough, to react. It is visible in the area of bone deformation in the toe area, that something is changing.

And there are numerous indications that something is not going well. The body signals this, all the time. But it has not been perceived for a long time or suppressed or repressed or simply not accepted. And that for years.

The first impulse – I can’t stand the pain anymore. I have to see a doctor. Or it first started in the foot, then the knee was on, now the hip and the back. Well, who recognizes himself here? 🙂

Insoles for the shoes? If you forget to put in these insoles, the pain comes back. The suppression of the pain only works for a short period of time. The body is a constantly changing system that precisely registers weak points. If, for example, an insole is added, from the outside as a support, this point becomes even weaker. The body no longer sees the need to strengthen this area. The surrounding structure also becomes weaker and weaker. In my opinion, insoles do damage in the long run.

If I had pain in my foot – what would I do? One-sided movements of the foot cause too much tension in the muscles and fasciae of this region. It does not matter whether the pain is in the front, middle or back of the foot. Active stretching of the foot muscles would be the method of my choice. 10 minutes every day. As a basic.

This relieves the tension and the foot becomes more elastic again. Felted and glued fasciae make a decisive contribution to the complaints of the foot. Therefore, I would accelerate the removal of these adhesions with a fascia roll massage. Many people trust that well-padded shoes promise secure hold and have a positive effect on foot health.The opposite is the case.

The feet are virtually “concreted” into the shoes. The foot is immobilised. This weakens the foot permanently. Fashionable shoes (e.g. with heels and much too tight in the toe area – yes, most sneakers also have a heel 🙂 – worn for years – shorten the muscles of the calf and partly of the thigh. Just fashionable shoes for women – here the big toe is pressed with force into an unnatural position – for years.

Solution: Walk barefoot as often as possible. Ideally on many different surfaces. This much in advance – if I consciously deform a structure over decades – it will not move back to its original position “overnight”. Common sense tells you that. It works, but it takes time.

There is a shortcut. Expert knowledge. Im an expert, for example. This is what I do, what I love. I help and support people.

I invite you to contact me if you have further questions.

See you next time.

Stay strong.


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