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Pain caused by osteoarthritis in the body. Which foods have an influence on how bad the pain is?

The pain relieving expert explains: Pain caused by osteoarthritis in the body. Which foods have an influence on how bad the pain is?

First of all: I am not saying you have to give up, the way you eat. I’m just saying that sometimes it makes sense not to put quite so much unhealthy stuff in your mouth when you have arthritis. 🙂

Today’s fast times. Products such as baked goods made from white flour and a high proportion of sugar can be bought on every street corner. In addition, there are all the preservatives and colouring agents. Sweeteners like aspartame and flavour enhancers, emulsifiers and chemical substitutes. And the coffee and cigarettes…

Everything the body does not know is a potential threat to which it reacts with inner defensive tensions. And I think that too much tension in the body is one of the main reasons why so many people are in so much pain nowadays. It is like someone trying to put out a fire constantly pouring spirit into the flames.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

All this leads to acidity in the body. And this excess of acid leads to 2 problems: Increased inflammation throughout the body. So that which is already too much in the body is increased even further. In addition, at some point the body has the problem that these many acids can no longer be eliminated. Because there is simply too much. The body tries to neutralize the acid.

How does the body do this? With calcium. And magnesium. Where is the greatest store of it in the body? Teeth, bones, muscles and tendons & cartilage. I don’t think I have to say any more than that. Or do I?

The proportion of nutrition rounds off the treatment of pain. Why should you take 5 steps forward and 3 steps back each time. That works too, but takes much longer. 🙂

By the way, there are new appointments available again. With Arthose, my aim is to make the client so smart within short sessions that he does not need any more appointments.

Because he knows everything he has to do to be able to go his way towards freedom from pain independently of a therapist.

Stay strong.


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I´m a qualified practitioner who pursues 2 goals together with the client.
-Reduce the current pain condition as quickly as possible.
-Make the client independent of further (all) visits to a therapist as quickly as possible.

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