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My favourite breakfast – “Bulletproof Coffee”. Find out – why? And what the many advantages are.

The pain relieving expert recommends: My favourite breakfast – “Bulletproof Coffee”Find out – why? And what the many advantages are.

You may have heard of „Bulletproof Coffee“ (BPC).In certain circles it is a very popular drink. I like BPC very much. Why? It is a warm coffee drink which satiates me very well for a long period of time and gives me an excellent energy boost.

It may sound strange at first how BPC is made, but the taste is great. The advantages for me: instead of breakfast, a warm drink that satiates me very well for at least 5 hours. In addition I get an energy boost, a very nice flowing feeling.

3 ingredients: Coffee (250ml), 2 tablespoons of grass-feed butter, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or „MCT Oil“. Make coffee as usual, then add butter and oil. Put everything into a tall container and then use a mixer to blend everything into a creamy mixture (10-15sec).

Result: a very creamy coffee with a slightly nutty taste. Not disgusting at all, due to the butter. This drink saves the usual breakfast. The drink alone is enough.

This drink became famous through Dave Asprey. On a journey through the Himalayas, the locals served him a yak butter tea. The positive effects of this mixture had impressed him so much that he decided to recreate the drink after returning from his trip to USA. Asprey found out that the drink has its greatest effect when a high quality coffee is put into a high performance blender together with butter and „MCT Oil“ and beaten until foamy.

Why a blender? The blender is not only important for the creamy consistency, but also for the formation of small Mi-celles. These Mi-celles increase the absorption of antioxidants in the body. With this drink, the body fills up on fat as an energy source, so to speak. This energy lasts longer than, for example, a porridge for breakfast and is also distributed more evenly.

Many people put sugar in their coffee. That is counterproductive here. The extra sugar interrupts the positive effects of the drink! The body then reverts to the more readily available fuel. The carbohydrates – the sugar. So leave sugar out!I mentioned „MCT Oil“ above. In simple terms, this is a concentrate of coconut oil, with an increased proportion of „caprylic“ and „capric“ acid. The body can metabolise these even faster than the „lauric acid“ in coconut oil. „MCT Oil“ then has to be purchased additionally. It may make sense to first produce BPC with coconut oil.

So not to use MCT. If the effect is likeable, there is still room for further gains. 🙂 Then use MCT instead of coconut oil.

Oh and yes, the vegan option is to use almond nut butter / cashew nut butter instead of gras-feed butter. That makes the coffee even nuttier 😉 I use it, too, sometimes. I myself have experimented a lot about how to improve the effect / taste.

I have added cinnamon, pure cocoa powder (without additives), Ashawaghanda, Cordyceps, Maca… The base of caffeine and fat, at least that’s what I feel, potentiates the effect of further supplements.

Many success, if I should have inspired you.

What are your experiences?

Stay strong.

See you next time.


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