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Kidney pain – Tried a lot and little or nothing helped? The approach I am taking can help.

The pain relieving expert explains: Kidney pain – Tried a lot and little or nothing helped? The approach I am taking can help.

Pain in the kidney area? And for a long time now? Unpleasant pressure or a felt “electrical” impulse in the kidneys and lumbar area?

First of all – kidney problems can have different causes. A visit to a doctor is therefore always advisable if there are complaints in the kidney area!If there is no explanation for long-lasting pain in the kidney area due to an infection or disease, it is worthwhile to look at the muscular-fascial structures in the kidney area.

For the sake of simplicity, I exclude pelvic inflammation, kidney stones and renal colic and insufficient drinking as causes. Kidney pain develops directly in the kidney area and can usually be clearly identified. Back pain feels different.

According to my findings, the pain does not come directly from the kidney, but from the surrounding tissue of the kidney. In particular, the pain often comes from the muscle that runs along the back of the body from the ilium to the twelfth rib. Because that is where the kidneys are, the kidney is often mentioned as the cause of the pain.

What would happen if this muscle (and the surrounding muscles) relaxed, and the pain disappeared? The cause of the pain would then “only” be to much muscular-fascial tension in this area. The antibiotics that are often prescribed in the case of kidney problems would then no longer be necessary. What I do in the treatments with my clients is basically the cancellation of the existing pain by the so-called “Ostheopressure”.

The pain-free state achieved with this method is very easily maintained by a daily routine. The idea of simply having your back massaged so that you no longer feel pain is understandable. It is also very relaxing – a massage. How long does the relaxing effect of a massage last? 1 day, 3 days? And then again for a massage?

Can you afford this permanently? Possibly.

And is all pain really completely gone afterwards? That will not solve the problem permanently. Right? 😉

The muscular tension has been trained by the affected person himself. Only when the reason for the pain is no longer present will there be no more switching of pain.

Could I help you further? What do you think?

By the way, new appointments are possible again.

Until then.

Stay strong.


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