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Jiaogulan. Jia- what? Heart, blood pressure, resilience, performance, immune system, liver and age – all that with one herb? The evidence strongly suggests that.

The pain relieving expert opens his treasure box and presents one of his favourites: Jiaogulan. Jia- what? Heart, blood pressure, resilience, performance, immune system, liver and age – all that with one herb? The evidence strongly suggests that. Ready for a new perspective? Let’s get started.

An interesting first aspect to mention is that another name for Jiaogulan is “the immortality herb”. That is already a first hint. 🙂

The active ingredients include gypenosides, by the way. Here are some real facts:

-Study with 300 competitive athletes: One group received a placebo, the other group received Jiaogulan. Result: The athletes in the test group reported an increase in strength, alertness and reflexes and were less tense.

-In a study of 112 people suffering from insomnia, 89 to 95 % of the subjects experienced an improvement in their sleep condition.

-A study from Loma Linda University documents the antioxidant effect, whereby some ingredients from the plant counteract damage caused by the effects of oxidative processes. Which should be one of the main reasons if you want to reach a high age. The researchers concluded that the high antioxidant activity of gypenosides could be valuable in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, including: Arteriosclerosis, liver disease and inflammation.

-In animal experiments, a test group of rats were given Jiaogulan two weeks before they were administered a carcinogenic substance. After 18 weeks, the rats were examined. Result: Not only was the number of tumours in the test group smaller than in the control group, but the cancer did not develop until 6 weeks later in the rats that were given Jiaogulan, even though the rats were given a carcinogenic agent every day.

-As has been shown in animal experiments, Jiaogulan improves the muscle contraction (pumping function) of the heart muscle. This means that the heart no longer needs to work so hard to pump the same amount of blood through the body.

-High blood pressure can cause serious damage to the brain, kidneys or heart. Low blood pressure can cause a lack of oxygen to the brain, which can lead to fainting spells. High and low blood pressure are often treated with gypenosides in China. They balance both. Low and high blood pressure.

-Jiaogulan can stimulate the formation of new blood cells. This is very important during an illness or after an illness. White blood cells support the healing process, which means that recovery can occur more quickly.

-Laboratory studies and animal experiments have shown that Jiaogulan can increase the number of lymphocytes in the blood, while at the same time increasing the activity of the lymphocytes.

-The positive effect of Jiaogulan has been proven in cases of liver damage and hepatitis. In animal studies, jiaogulan was found to protect liver cells of rats against destructive damage caused by administration of toxins.In 100 patients with liver damage, 89% had satisfactory results. In a second study with 200 patients, the same results were obtained.I could go on forever… 🙂

One more thing: -Originally, Jiaogulan was used by the local population (China) as a remedy for bronchitis.(Study with 86 patients who were given Jiaogulan tea to drink showed a positive result of 93 %).

The therapeutic applications mentioned here show the health-improving properties of Jiaogulan. This is also the reason why there have been so many studies worldwide on the application of Jiaogulan.

How would I proceed if I were in need or wanted to know more? 1) Do my own research – if that fits: 2) Acquire either Jiaogulan (dried herb or extract). 3) Use the tea or extract daily. The herb should be the cheapest. Purchasing a Jiaogulan extract is more expensive as it is a concentrate. If it is possible, do not resort to a capsule product here, but again use a powder. Reason: the price.

Do I use Jiaogulan? Yep. For example, I prepared an alcoholic extract from the Jiaogulan herb, left it to infuse for 8 weeks, then strained it into a (small) glass bottle with a spray head.

If you´re interested, I´ve written in the past another article about this very potent stuff: Here´s the link: https://www.facebook.com/flowmotionIreland/posts/648055215775632

Questions, suggestions? Appointments? Freedom from pain? You know how this works, are you?

Get in contact.

See you next time.

Stay strong.


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