Inflammations, rheumatism, support with viruses, strengthening your own immune system – with “Cat’s claw”. Shall we? Then let’s go….

The pain relieving expert gives a hint: Inflammations, rheumatism, support with viruses, strengthening your own immune system – with “Cat’s claw”. Shall we? Then let’s go….

Cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa) – also known as “Uña de Gato” – has been revered as a sacred plant for thousands of years by some indigenous peoples of South America, who still live in and with the rainforests, because of its extensive medicinal effects. Cat’s claw “Uncaria tomentosa” is not the same as cat’s claw “Uncaria guianensis”.

Very, very simplified “Uncaria tomentosa” has been scientifically studied for a longer time, there are more studies on this plant. Therefore…. In Europe, almost only extracts in the form of e.g. capsules, drops or tablets are offered, which are extracted from the stem or root bark.

“Cat’s claw” is used by indigenous peoples for the following complaints, for example: Asthma, Arthritis, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Weakened immune system, Viral diseases and much more. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised “Cat’s claw” as a traditional medicinal plant in the 1990s.

The plant does not only contain an active ingredient that causes exactly Z in the case of disease X or Y. Rather, it is the interaction of various ingredients: Indole alkaloids, sterols, triterpenes and procyanidins. There are many diseases that are triggered by inflammation (e.g. psoriasis, neurodermatitis, rheumatism, asthma, periodontitis, multiple sclerosis).

-Study from India, 2018

Result in the evaluation of 70 medicinal plants (incl. cat’s claw) : Medicinal plants have a comparable mechanism of action (equally good or even better) and contain rare or milder side effects – compared to synthetic drugs (steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

-Study Spain / France, 2020

It was found among 176 participants that a spray composed of a cat’s claw extract and an oat extract led to relief of itching and pain. Relief was noted after the first application, minor side effects that passed quickly.

-Rheumatic condition and cat’s claw, Innsbruck University Hospital, 40 participants suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, treatment with 1 capsule three times daily, each containing 20 mg cat’s claw extract,

Result after 6 months: duration of stiffness in the morning shortened and pain and noticeable decrease in swelling in the body So far so good. 🙂

Side effects: In clinical trials, high doses of up to 2 g of extract per kg of body weight were administered to weigh up the toxicity. This did not cause any damage. High doses can cause nausea, mild gastrointestinal complaints such as diarrhoea, an increase in uric acid levels and even mild cardiovascular problems.

Learned something again, didn’t we? See you next time.

Stay strong.


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