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Inflammation of the bursa in the elbow.

The pain relieving expert explains: Inflammation of the bursa in the elbow.

First of all, bursae have an important task: they act like cushions, for example between bone and skin. If these “cushions” become inflamed, it can quickly become very, very unpleasant. The trigger for this is often described as resting too long on the table. This is a common occurrence in everyday office life. Doctors speak of a “Bursits olecrani”.

This is where the first problem arises. What to do now? Avoiding leaning on the desk? How is that supposed to work? All day long? If the bursa is inflamed, more tissue fluid (synovial fluid) is formed than usual, causing it to swell. In addition, the blood supply to this area is then increased, which can cause the tissue to be irritated, reddened and sometimes overheated. Sometimes pus develops.

Basically, the body is trying to speed up a healing process here that is not yet complete. And it does so in a very loving way. How does it do this?It raises the body temperature. Warmth relieves pain – we all know this.

At the same time, substances that promote inflammation will effectivly “boiled”, in other words killed – just like a fever. Likewise, because there is instability in the joint, the body wraps a protective layer of water around the part of the body to provide further, additional stability. So it all makes sense. 🙂

What is recognised as the general cause of the pain – resting on the table – is in my opinion not the cause. The elbow is one of the hardest points in the body. The question is rather, what has the client done to irritate this point to such an extent that these complaints occur.

It is usually the intention of the client when they visit a therapist – “Let that which bothers me disappear! Or also: “I want “that” which is there, no longer there!”. Something like that… And then continue as before.

How sustainable is that? If all of this behaviour has led to the current state… Many people understand that it is not sustainable to eat painkillers permanently. A lot of people are already experiencing discomfort from the side effects. And as the final goal – the operation. What a goal.

If there is already a desire for an alternative treatment, because conventional medicine cannot help and heal permanently (at least in most cases), then why turn back just before the goal is reached? I would like to tell all people with pain: Come to me and I will make the pain disappear.

But: Where is the commitment of the client? The change of behaviour. Which has led to the problem after all. In a few days I would like to discuss treatment approaches, causes in case of elbow pain.

Look, it took me about 6 years – to understand only rudimentary what is important. Do you think only a post from me on Facebook can solve your problem? And permanently? It doesn’t work that way.

There is of course a shortcut. You already know how to contact me. 🙂 Gladly I support you.

And who knows, maybe my approach is what you have been looking for all the time.

Stay strong.


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-Make the client independent of further (all) visits to a therapist as quickly as possible.

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