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Have you ever heard of inflammation of the pubic bone? How does it manifest itself? And what is the cause?

The pain relieving expert is asked: Have you ever heard of inflammation of the pubic bone? How does it manifest itself? And what is the cause?

“Yes, I know it. The initial slight pulling sensation on the inside of the thighs gets worse and worse.The pain already radiates into the whole leg and the lower abdomen also hurts more and more. Something like that?Oh, and there’s really no permanent solution to it. Right?”

I see. And what is that exactly?

“This is not inflammation due to infection. I repeat, the cause is not an infection. It affects the symphysis, the pubic bone and the surrounding structures, such as the abdomen and the inner thighs. Because the bladder/prostate is also located in the same region, the complaints can also be misinterpreted under certain circumstances.”

I see. And what happens there?

“Because the pain is very unspecific, it can lead to a certain amount of uncertainty on your part. Especially if there are areas that are sensitive to pressure. In most cases, fluid has already accumulated. The complaints usually occur during typical movements: Climbing stairs, lying in bed, but also during exercise. “

And where do the complaints come from?

“The abdominal muscles are shortened. This causes the tendons that are attached to the pubic bone to pull on the periosteum. This triggers a repair process within the body. After initial mild discomfort, the affected area expands more and more. This doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over months and years.”

But how is that supposed to happen?

“Imagine you are putting up a tent, 4 hooks – 2 in the front, 2 in the back. At the front, the hooks are driven deep into the solid ground. In the back, the ground is looser and the hooks are only driven in lightly. The ropes therefore have considerably more tension at the front than at the back. The tent is pulled forward. The structure deforms.”

And what are the consequences?

“If the cause is “only” a shortening, that has to be repaired. But if it is thought that there is a bigger problem behind it, because the bladder or prostate is in the same region – antibiotics are often resorted to first by default. I don’t think I need to say any more. And if I am a competitive athlete, this restriction can reduce my performance considerably. Does that make sense? I think so.”

And you can help?

“Simple answer: definitely. Usually, when I have the client in a consultation, I can tell quite quickly if it is ‘just’ a muscular problem – This problem can be fixed by working with the client. But the nice thing is that he then also knows the tools to prevent the problem himself in the future.

Afterwards, he no longer needs me as a therapist. “

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