Have you ever heard of a “Therapy Debit Card”?

The pain relieving expert opens up a whole new world: A new way of looking at well-being and freedom from pain. The “Therapists Debit Card.” Every pain patient has one. Why do many therapies not work in the long run?

Have you ever heard of a “Therapy Debit Card”? This is a card that has to be topped up again and again by the therapist so that the “status quo”, that is, what the client thinks is the normal state, continues to be so. What about buying a prepaid card from a mobile phone retailer? After 30 days the credit is used up and I have to pay again. Otherwise I can no longer make calls.

So there is some kind of guarantee. One month. How is that with the therapist card? Does that always last for a month as well? Whats your thoughts? Could it be that the debit on the card (which the therapist has loaded on), after the last treatment where you no longer feel the pain, is already used up after 3 days, after a week, after 14 days? And then? Or sometimes it lasts for a month, then again for 10 days. In the end, the card has to be topped up again and again, ideally every month.

Or you can’t “make a call” every month. Right? In other words, the person somehow endures the pain and when it becomes unbearable or the therapist has an appointment free – then they recharge again. But the credit must ALWAYS be there, meaning that freedom from pain is preceded by payment in exchange for treatment. Every month, every 2-3 months, every year… But there is no guarantee that the money invested will be sufficient until the end of the month… or 2-3 months… No.

Because a visit to the therapist is not a leisure activity. It is always preceded by a pain condition. The following offer: The client recharges his credit card again and again himself. If that is necessary. Completely free and flexible. The goal is the permanent reduction of pain. The ultimate goal is complete freedom from pain. That is what I do with my clients.

I make them smart and independent of further visits to a therapist. Independent even of myself. Whoever is interested knows how to contact me, right? 🙂

Is it fair to offer a client a permanent flat rate at a one-time fee? Any opinions? Did I mention, these are not my figures now, that topping up the credits with the therapist likes to go into the four-digit range, sometimes even higher?

Unbelievable? e.g. 5 treatments per year, every year. + painkillers + other medicines + prostheses, orthoses, occlusal splints, insoles and other support + petrol costs + the subsequent reduction in quality of life … I could go on.

Let me know, if you are interested.

Many success on your path.

See you next time.

Stay strong.


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I´m a qualified practitioner who pursues 2 goals together with the client.
-Reduce the current pain condition as quickly as possible.
-Make the client independent of further (all) visits to a therapist as quickly as possible.

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