Flouride and it protects the teeth. Really? Well, let’s see.

The pain relieving expert is just thinking out loud today. And possibly gives an important hint again: This time – Flouride and it protects the teeth. Really? Well, let’s see.

2 questions arise: Are fluorides necessary for this? And if this is the case, do the possible side effects of fluoride justify the return? Fluorides are not as toxic as pure fluorine. But they are still toxic – depending on the dose. So a tiny dose every day (2-3 times) can have an effect, especially in children or the elderly.

Has there ever been any verifiable evidence of too much fluoride-rich water? Yes, millions of the Chinese and Indian population have developed so-called bone fluorosis. Because too much fluoride-rich water was drunk over a long period of time. Bone flourosis – The bones have a wonderfully high bone density, but they are so hardened and dense that the natural elasticity is lost…. They then become brittle. In extreme cases, the joints and spine stiffen as well.

Let me clarify that once again. Ireland has about 5 million inhabitants. According to the HSE, 20% of them, about 1 million, have arthritis. Yes, I know a bone is not a joint. But…..But joints are the softer form of a bone, so intervertebral discs, cartilage and joints. Can we agree on that?

And that a rigid joint has an effect on mobility and increased wear and tear (osteoarthritis). Personally, I think so. Have I already mentioned fluoride tablets (especially for children) for hardening tooth enamel and special flouridated table salt? Not yet? Phew… I’ll go into that again later. 🙂

If a pea-sized portion of fluoridated toothpaste already contains 0.12 mg of fluoride… and the toothpaste tastes sooo delicious like strawberries or wild berries… Could it be that the child is voluntarily eating a portion of toothpaste? And how long is a child’s life? 2, 3… 6 years? Every day 2x strawberry toothpaste.. + iodised table salt and possibly extra flouride tablets. Anyway, draw your own conclusions.

Oh… and did I mention that the water (at the municipal level) is generally flouridated with “Hydrofluosilicic acid (HFSA)”. Not yet either? It’s tricky today. 🙂

What did the director of the National Research Council (NRC), Dr. John Doull, say in view of a large-scale meta-study on fluoride?: “When we looked more closely at all the studies that had already been done, we quickly realised that many questions remained unanswered and that we have much less firm information than is appropriate for the subject […].”

In further articles I will discuss solutions, what I am doing for myself and other approaches that may be useful. Until then. Many success on your way.

Stay strong.


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