Do you know about pain in the Achilles tendon? I have a problem there.

The pain relieving expert is asked: Do you know about pain in the Achilles tendon? I have a problem there.

“Yes, go ahead. What do you want to know?”

I’ve had problems there for a long time. It started slowly. Now it’s pure torture. I mean, it burns with every step. And it’s swollen.

“And in the beginning the pain was dependent on the strain? Right? The more strain, the more often the pain occurred. Correct? I see that you agree. Let’s move on. What is attached above the Achilles tendon?”

The calf.

“Very good. Most of the time a pain problem is not directly related to the part of the body that hurts. This part is usually (just) the part where an imbalance shows up. If the calf is too overstretched due to permanent overloading, then it becomes matted and usually “shortens”. It becomes even more difficult when muscles and fibres that could support here are also shortened. I’m talking about the muscles in the shin.”

Do I understand this correctly? The calf is too short and so is the shin.And that is the cause?

“Not always, but very often it is. And you’ve put it in a very simplified way. Basically… yes. Basically, that’s the main cause of many complaints. “

But why?

“The shortening pulls the tendon into an unnatural position. You remember? The tendon is sort of attached to the calf. Unnaturally high tension. The brain notices that there’s a problem here. As a solution, pain is sent to the region to stop the unnatural movement/posture from continuing. I call this an alarm pain.”

And how does this happen?

“The same way it usually does… 😉 Western way of life. Heavily restricted movement patterns. The permanent sitting has a lot to do with it, the footwear as well.”

But can’t I use an insole?

“That can work in the beginning. Permanently it is not a substitute. After the structure gets used to it, it usually starts all over again. You know that yourself, don’t you? If you wear glasses because your eyes have gotten worse – tell me when that ever brought your eyes back to 100% functionality?”

Hm… Can’t you train something to make it go away?

“It depends on what you expect the result to be and, above all, how quickly. Sure, many things can work. Operations, injections, even strength training can work. The question is what is your preferred outcome?

Correct me if I´m wrong – 100% of the clients say now: -very fast, payable solution with no side effects. And the problem should disappear permanently!-The alternatives described above could take a long time to be effectiv, come with side actions and can sometimes have undesired effects.”

And what would you do?

“Why don’t you get in touch with me tomorrow and arrange a meeting? Thats the fastest way.”

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