Detoxifying the body. With “Bentonite”. Inexpensive and effective.

The pain relieving specialist gives a hint: Detoxifying the body. With “Bentonite”. Inexpensive and effective.

It is often talked about, also by me, what you can add to improve, to speed up something. Today I am talking about using something to simply remove what hinders and slows down normal processes.

The name “Bentonite” comes from the place where this healing earth was first discovered: Fort Benton, a small town in Montana. “Bentonite” is a mixture of different clay minerals and was formed by the weathering of volcanic ash. “Bentonite” has an enormously large and also negatively charged surface, which leads to an astonishingly high absorption capacity for pollutants of all kinds. This makes it ideal for binding toxins.

The surface area of a single gram of bentonite is 400 to 600 square metres!

Effect of bentonite:

Most bentonite has a negative ionic charge. When the bentonite particles come into contact with any substance that carries a positive ionic charge (such as metals, pollutants, bacteria, etc.), bentonite attracts and holds onto this substance like a magnet. Subsequently, it is excreted. Some toxins that can be bound by bentonite: Aflatoxins (natural toxins excreted by moulds and are even considered one of the strongest carcinogenic compounds).

Studies have shown that the bioavailability of aflatoxins is significantly reduced in the presence of bentonite. Organochlorine pesticides (e.g. DDT, lindane, endrin) are considered to be enormously toxic, among other reasons because they break down only slowly, instead being deposited in the body. “Bentonite” can bind these pesticides – at least from water under laboratory conditions. The herbicide paraquat is also bound by “Bentonite”. This is used, for example, in coffee and banana plantations in the tropics.

Relief for liver and kidneys:

It absorbs pollutants, metabolic waste products as well as bacterial and mould toxins in the digestive system, so that they cannot even enter the bloodstream through the intestinal mucosa and spread throughout the body. In this way, the liver and kidneys are relieved enormously. Uric acid is also a waste product of the body. It is produced during the metabolisation of proteins and must also be discharged through the kidneys. Just as is the case with creatinine, uric acid can also enter the intestine and be absorbed there by the bentonite.

I would be happy to discuss other possible applications if there is a need. Exciting field. 😉 I have already tried this supplement on myself. 🙂

Important note: When purchasing, it is important to make sure that the bentonite is not ground too finely so that stable metal compounds are not bioavailable. Otherwise, the intended effect would be reversed.

The particle size should not fall below 25 micrometres (25 µm).

Questions? Let me know.

See you next time.

Stay strong.


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