“Claw toe” aka Crooked toes – a malposition of the toes. Problems and solutions.

The pain relieving expert is interviewed again. Today on the subject of “claw toe”, i.e. a malposition of the toes. Interested? Then let’s get started. 🙂

Claw toe? Does that mean anything to you?

“Yep. This is the case when there is a malposition of the toes. The tips of the toes often do not reach the ground and the metatarsophalangeal joint is completely hyperextended. This is also called “crooked toes”. This is more common than one might think.”

And what are the effects of this?

“It’s multiple effects. Pressure points, calluses and blisters and of course the problem of finding suitable (non-painful) shoes. Often it is also the case that the tension, starting in the feet, is transferred to the entire system. Postural defects, pain and restricted movement are then to be mentioned. Did I mention pain? “

Really? It starts in the foot and then moves to other areas?

“Yes. Because the person tries to compensate for the misalignment and consciously and unconsciously shifts the body statics to other areas. As a result, structures that are not actually designed for it are overstressed and wear out more quickly. The result is then, we are talking about periods of years and decades, a massive pain problem.”

And the cause of this?

“Self-acquired, self-trained and silently accepted. Simply put. Very, very rarely is it congenital. “

And how does it come about?

“Incorrect footwear worn over a long period of time. For example, modern shoes with a pointed front and high heels. Think of it as squeezing a pound of mince meat into each shoe. The meat conforms to the structure. And after a while you have meatballs shaped like shoes.”

Gross. And is there anything you can do to fix that?

“Of course. I’m not saying it can be done overnight. Often, the first thing is to get rid of the pain that results from it. Then, little by little, we can work on correcting the bad posture. Usually the pain is in the feet, calves or knees, for example, which makes it unbearable. And that’s where I can help, yes.”

But if someone doesn’t want to spend money to have it treated by you – what then?

“Of course, that is also an option. Then I would focus on lengthening and expanding the structures that have been shortened over the years. The back of the feet, the front of the feet, the calves and thighs, for example. And 🙂 get rid of the shoes that started the whole thing. And invest in healthier shoes instead. And this much in advance: sneakers and classic trainers (from Mr. Nike or Ms. Adidas) are not the solution in this case. “

Thank you. Next week again?

” Of course. Until then. 🙂

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