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Can, what you eat every day, have an effect on pain and inflammation in the body?

The pain relieving expert is asked: Can, what you eat every day, have an effect on pain and inflammation in the body?

“Yes. Definitely. The ideal is a holistic balance of all body functions. Only if the organism maintains this dynamic balance at the cell level is the immune system fully functional. Sufficient nutrients should be available for this balance. With the help of a sufficient supply of minerals, vitamins and trace elements, the body can supply every cell and ensure all functions optimally. Ideally, these micronutrients come from what the person takes in daily, not just from food supplements. “

And how does this lead to pain and inflammation?

“Excessive consumption of artificial produced things (!), not food influences the bacterial colonisation of the intestine and can change it permanently. We´re not talking about sudden inflammation, but about “creeping” inflammation. Depending on the type and size of the inflammation, inflammatory processes can then also affect and damage organs and structures”.

I see. So less rubbish to put in your mouth. Okay. And what effect does this have on the body?

“It can have many effects. Tiredness, exhaustion, susceptibility to infections, pain… so very unspecific syptoms. Nothing that points to this and that as a cause. That would be way to simple then. 🙂 Although… I know clients who are not well when they eat (industrial) bread from the supermarket. Or after the consumption of dairy products. Nevertheless they continue to eat it. Although there are very clear signals that the body does not like it. “

Yes, and what is the connection with pain in the body?

“In rheumatic diseases, inflamed joints are a clear indication that the immune system is on constant alert. A trigger irritates the body’s defences so strongly that the immune system is not immediately able to successfully fight the intruder. As a result, the body’s own defence system is constantly stimulated. During this “permanent threat” the body reacts with inflammation in the joints.

Blood tests have shown that rheumatic diseases are often accompanied by a lack of certain micronutrients, too. A lack of micronutrients then contributes to the body not being able to work properly.

Organic sulphur, for example, is reduced by about 2 thirds in a joint with arthrosis.”

I see. And what is your approach? What would you do?

“Eat as much as possible naturally, cook more yourself. And for yourself, decide for yourself how important a solution is for you! That is the most important thing. Look, if I bring substances into the body every day that cannot be used to build cells, connective tissue and structures…

The body is already running in economy mode anyway. And then it has to use additional energy to transport substances out of the body that it cannot do anything with. Sounds logical, or?”

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