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Always have your own medicine cabinet with you. But how at all and how complicated is that?

The pain relieving expert recommends: Always have your own medicine cabinet with you. But how at all and how complicated is that? Let’s talk about movement.

Movement and exercises does much more than make the person sweat. Physical activity causes a molecular reaction in your whole organism, including changes in inflammatory markers and metabolic pathways.

But how much is necessary? How much is necessary to have an effect to protect the body in the long term??? Researchers at the “Stanford University” have found that one exercise session leads to changes in over 9,500 molecules in the blood. So just once and it changes over 9,000 molecules. Wow!

Out of about 17,500 molecules, over 50% changed, with some values going up and others going down.

Study: 36 people (between 45-70 years old), different fitness levels: 8-12 minute endurance test.

Dr Michael Snyder, Professor and Chair of Genetics at the “Stanford University” said after analysing the results: “I had thought, what big difference can just about 9 minutes of exercise make? As it turns out, apparently a lot.”

9 minutes! Is that doable? Hm… I think so.

What also stops people from being physically active? No time! Right?

More research on this: Research has also shown that 15 minutes of exercise per day, or an average of 92 minutes per week, reduces all-cause mortality by 14 per cent. Life expectancy is extended by 3 years compared to inactivity. This means that you don’t have to spend 2 hours on the treadmill or in the gym to get meaningful results – beneficial changes happen in far less time.

Amazing, isn’t it? 9-15 minutes instead of 120 minutes. You can find support everywhere if you want to follow this path. Whether it’s exercising with an acquaintance or friends together or maybe someone knows a trainer who can support you. If you have no plan at all what to do now. 🙂

Think of it this way, you are trading time for quality of life.

I wish you much success on your way. Stay strong.

See you next time.


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