A decisive clue to the question that often arises with pain: “Why me of all people?” and “Why always in my family?”

The pain relieving expert gives the decisive clue to the question that often arises with pain: “Why me of all people?” “Why always in my family?”

What does an article have to say to make you read it to the end? Is it the author or the topic that arouses interest? If I claim that fear experiences are stored in the limbic system – what does this statement do to you? Do you agree or disagree?

This information of fear is transferred to the cells of certain regions of the body. There, with the frequency of this information, a tension develops. Or overvoltage. This is visible externally in certain muscle areas that harden. This can be seen, for example, around the corners of the mouth, around the eye area and in the tense posture.

Let’s take pain condition NUMBER 1 in Ireland. Back pain and back discomfort! Let’s look at what scientists have to say about it: Wilhelm Reich, medical doctor and world-renowned psychoanalyst. (1897 – 1957)

He found that a mental numbness also has a physical component. Those whose psyche becomes imbalanced first become “stiff” in the outer parts of their body. The person feels ‘uncomfortable in his skin’, ‘inhibited’, cannot ‘realise himself’, feels ‘as if walled in’, ‘out of contact’, ‘tense to bursting’. He strives with all his might ‘to the world’, but he is as if ‘tied down’.

More: The efforts to come into contact with life are often so painful, he is so unable to bear the difficulties and disappointments that he prefers to ‘crawl into himself’.”

Breathe. Digest…. Are you ok? Let’s move on. Shall we?

The chronically frozen, the blocked, the one who no longer feels any excitement or emotion, both mentally and physically, that is the armoured human being. He is externally controlled. A functional human being. The consequence: Natural, normally flowing energy is blocked, solidified and this becomes physically visible over the years.

W. Reich also found that anger and fear are chained in the body by muscular tension in such a way that they can no longer penetrate to the outside. If the flow of energy is stopped, if it is drawn back into the body and has to remain there, it is experienced as fear. Any kind of anxiety contradicts the expansion principle of life and makes us ill. Once the organism is placed in an attitude of fear (contraction), the following diseases can result, for example:

-High blood pressure, because the vessels are contracted and the heart has to work harder.

-Rheumatism and arthritis. Nodules can form in the muscles.

-Certain lung diseases-Stomach ulcers

-Cramps/spasms of all kinds, including haemorrhoids.


-Impotence and frigidity

W. Reich speaks of “biopathic shrinkage” as a result of mental resignation: the expansion function of life fails. The body cells are afraid of movement, which means life – they freeze.

Did I already mention that in some treatments with clients the most diverse reactions occur: Laughter. Laughter that doesn’t want to stop, tears, emotions but also impressions of pain.

Here the “chained” energy is simply set free again. I offer a solution-oriented treatment with the aim of returning to independence. Pain is drastically reduced and a life without the permanent support of a therapist finally becomes possible again.

You know how to contact me, don’t you? Just give me a call.

Many success on your path.

Stay strong.


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I´m a qualified practitioner who pursues 2 goals together with the client.
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-Make the client independent of further (all) visits to a therapist as quickly as possible.

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