2 months after the turn of the year. Lose weight fast with special shakes for losing weight. Does it work? Pitfalls and explanation of understanding questions

The pain relieving specialist explains: 2 months after the turn of the year. Lose weight fast with special shakes for losing weight. Does it work? Pitfalls and explanation of understanding questions.

First of all – does it work? Yes. If I eat less than I consume in a day, I should theoretically get the body to go to the reserves. Is this sustainable, so can I represent permanent weight loss? Only with less food – that’s more difficult. Today I’m only going to talk about the ingredients of these shakes and why you shouldn’t always trust advertising claims on packaging 100%.

The main ingredients of conventional weight loss shakes are proteins and/or protein isolates. You usually have a choice between soy protein and milk protein. A little soy is not a problem at first, but 3 times a day can be. And that for a longer time. Soy can have an effect on the hormone balance. Especially for men, “phytoostrogens” are a problem.If the soy is fermented, things look different again.

Another production step makes the product more expensive – will the customer still buy it? Apart from the fact that soy milk is mostly “produced” from genetically modified soy…. Well…Does the label “lactose-free shake” mean that there is no milk in it? And therefore a vegan option?

Hm…. No, not always. It just means that the product is free of lactose. Other dairy products (yoghurt powder, whey isolates, milk protein powder, etc.) may still be included. Sugar is often added to make the shake taste good. Is honey also a sugar. Yep. Is there a lot of sugar in it?

It is even very likely. Up to 25% in some cases. (A sugar drink to lose weight? Is that possible? It is possible, it is just much more difficult). Other types of sugar in shakes (sometimes in combination) : fructose (fruit sugar), dextrose (glucose) and sucrose (household sugar). Or the combination of honey and glucose syrup.

I have received testimonials from clients about slim shakes. Joint pain and the feeling of stiffness in the body. This makes sense, because the tendency for the body to become acidic if you only drink these drinks and do not “eat” a balance is understandable.

If you feel unwell, how great is your will to continue on your way? Read the back of the packaging!

I wish you much success on your journey.

Ask if there are any questions.

Stay strong.


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