Dietary supplements and foods that make everyday life easier and less painful. Just take a pill and everything will change. Really?

The pain relieving specialist recommends: Dietary supplements and foods that make everyday life easier and less painful. Is there a problem of understanding here?

Many people, including myself, use supplements such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, calcium, Zinc, Probiotic bacteria, etc. – why? Probably to replenish things that are eaten little or not at all in the daily diet. Basically a good idea.

When I ask clients what their normal daily diet is like, their weekly diet or even the diet of the last few years, I often hesitate. I mean the diet without supplements. Supplements are what the name already explains – they are supplements to the daily food.

Now the diet consists of 3 x pizza a week, a lot of ready-to-eat food, chips and cola. (I am exaggerating a bit 🙂 What then? Please do not misunderstand me. I do not want to missionize anyone. Everyone is allowed to live as he/she sees fit. Eat meat, eat purely vegetable – whatever you like – put it in your mouth. I for example – I love ice cream. And biscuits. 🙂 Only at intervals. Not a few times a week.

If the basis is right, then food supplements have an even better chance of working. Because the whole convenience food does not have to be taken out of the way first. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Food supplements cost money, sometimes a lot of money.

Sometimes you can feel an effect, sometimes not. Could it be that the constipation of the body, which you have partly caused yourself – if we are honest 🙂 – with waste products and stuff that the body cannot digest because it does not occur naturally, hinders the optimal absorption of food supplements?

What would happen if I fill up a middleaged 2005 “Fiat” with the same fuel that Formula 1 cars get? Would the fuel have the same possibilities as in a Formula 1 car? You know the answer, right?

You realize the big picture, right? Maybe it might make sense to be aware of what you eat the whole month. And you might need less money for food supplements, because they are much more potent.

I wish you a great rest of the week.

See you soon.

Stay strong.


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I´m a qualified practitioner who pursues 2 goals together with the client.
-Reduce the current pain condition as quickly as possible.
-Make the client independent of further (all) visits to a therapist as quickly as possible.

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